How To Arrange A Buyback

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How To Arrange A Buyback
How To Arrange A Buyback

Video: How To Arrange A Buyback

Video: How To Arrange A Buyback
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Perhaps one of the oldest ceremonies that is observed at weddings to this day is the ransom of the bride. It is customary to start the wedding ceremony with it. Traditionally, the ransom of the bride is carried out by parents, but nowadays it is increasingly entrusted to witnesses and bridesmaids. How to make bride ransom fun and interesting?

How to arrange a buyback
How to arrange a buyback


Step 1

For a buyout to go perfectly, you need to prepare well in advance. First, decide on the amount of time you plan to spend on it. As practice shows, more than 40 minutes should not be allotted for this, otherwise the ransom will turn out to be too protracted. To make sure the buyout ceremony goes smoothly, prepare a script and contests. Make them interesting and funny so guests don't get bored.

Step 2

Competitions should be varied. For example, here is such a competition: the groom must go up the stairs and praise his future wife or mother-in-law at each step. It turns out quite interesting, since often the groom is so agitated that he cannot find the right words. Guests and a witness can help him in this competition. Another common competition: before the ransom begins, the bride's friends paint their lips with bright lipstick, then print it on a piece of paper, the bride does the same, and the groom then has to guess which of the lip prints belongs to his beloved.

Step 3

You can easily find scenarios for carrying out a ransom on the Internet, and you can also watch competitions there. Or go to a bookstore and buy books on the topic of organizing a bride price, they are there in large numbers, you will surely find what is right for your wedding.

Step 4

Assign a person responsible for organizing the buyout and those who will help him in writing the script and competitions. And also agree on who will receive the money from the bride's ransom. Competitions should not be too long. When compiling them, it is worth considering the wishes of the groom. Maybe he doesn't want to serenade or dance the swan dance.

Step 5

You should also not make an exam for the poor groom out of competitions, he will be very excited anyway, and if the tasks are too difficult, he will simply be confused and will not be able to answer even one simple question. First of all, think about making it fun for all guests, not just you. Help the groom during the trials.

Step 6

You don't want to organize the bride ransom yourself? No problem. Contact a wedding agency for help. They will arrange the buyback taking into account all your wishes.