Horoscope For The Signs Of The Zodiac In The Year Of The Fire Rooster

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Horoscope For The Signs Of The Zodiac In The Year Of The Fire Rooster
Horoscope For The Signs Of The Zodiac In The Year Of The Fire Rooster

Video: Horoscope For The Signs Of The Zodiac In The Year Of The Fire Rooster

Video: Horoscope For The Signs Of The Zodiac In The Year Of The Fire Rooster
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To trust or not to trust horoscopes is a personal matter for every person. However, on the eve of the coming new year, knowing the character of the Rooster, one can predict with a certain accuracy what exactly this dreamy "badass" has prepared for each sign of the zodiac, and even try to "spread straws".

Horoscope for zodiac signs for the new year
Horoscope for zodiac signs for the new year

According to the eastern calendar, the Fiery Red Rooster will fully come into its own on January 28, 2017. It is from this date, the Chinese are sure, that an incredibly promising year for all will begin under the cover of the Rooster. Recall that the controlling element of 2017 is Fire, in combination with the nature of a rooster, an "explosive" mixture is obtained, but if you learn to manage it, control your emotions, risks, direct the energy of fire and a rooster into a peaceful, constructive channel, then 2017 will be marked for many a time of unprecedented career heights and great achievements.

The rooster has a number of positive qualities, for example, he is very hardworking, courageous, responsible, as he usually watches over the whole family. The rooster is characterized by self-confidence, and even self-confidence. Sometimes in the Fire Rooster, advantages can easily turn into disadvantages, for example, confidence, develop into excessive self-confidence, and self-sufficiency into narcissism, courage into excessive cockiness. People born in the Year of the Rooster must definitely learn to control their emotions, speech, gestures, since being carried away by the Rooster can inadvertently hurt the self-esteem of the interlocutor, and even humiliate.

Recommendations for all signs of the zodiac

Strengthen your health, monitor the nervous and cardiovascular system, control emotions, because the Rooster is not just a bully, but a well-known provocateur. Throughout the year, you may be tempted to take rash actions, situations, and high-risk trades. Use relaxation and communication techniques to avoid conflict and aggression.

Work and career

In business negotiations and when making important decisions, do not get fooled by sweet-tongued people. In business, beware of hasty decisions. It is in this year that it is worth weighing everything much more often and slowly making any decision, be it in love, in a family, with money or a career.

The Year of the Fire Rooster is perfect for actors, everyone who has found themselves in the field of creativity, as well as those who dream of getting ahead through a bright and fast-paced career. If you did not dare to show your projects, go for it. A rooster, and even more so a fiery one, will help daredevils with a cold head.

The resolute Rooster also patronizes those who have decided to change their field of activity, just do not think to retreat, the Rooster himself resolutely takes on a new business and patronizes those who develop their talent and hobbies.


The Year of the Rooster will not be easy for anyone in terms of finances, it is even worth looking back at the situation in the world and the economy. It is better to postpone high-risk affairs and transactions, since cock courage can seriously overestimate success.

Year of the Fire Rooster for the signs of the zodiac

For Aries, the year promises to be successful in terms of money, in terms of love and family. If Aries is planning to improve his career, then the year he patronizes more than ever. However, it is worth weighing everything, especially assessing good health, because it can fail Aries at an unnecessary moment.

For a Taurus who is dissatisfied with their work or family relationships, the year can be a year of major changes. Decisions in your personal life can affect your health, so the stars definitely recommend you to improve your health and visit a sanatorium in the summer or go to the sea.

For Gemini, the year does not bode well for big profits, but there will be no big expenses either. However, everything that Gemini did not succeed in earlier, there is a chance that it will be fulfilled in the year of the Fire Rooster. Like the Rooster, Gemini likes to be decisive, to be in the spotlight, to act harshly and boldly. In order for the energy of the year not to increase the risks, Gemini should make all decisions with a cool head. Around the beginning of summer, Gemini will have material success, and from an unexpected side.

For Cancers, the year promises a fairly harmonious course, but if they are self-confident, begin to show pride, they can seriously harm themselves both in the family and in the service. If Cancers need to achieve financial well-being and stability, then they need to clearly plan their actions, avoid unplanned spending and risky operations.

People born under the sign of Leo need to pay attention to strengthening family ties, single people - to creating a family. The Lion Pride can require a lot of effort and finances, so in the year of the Rooster it is worth taking a closer look at your budget and not spending money unwisely, in addition, material assistance may be needed by the relatives of Lviv.

For the year it promises to be even and calm, the Rooster favors marriages and helps lonely Virgos find a couple. Most Virgos will feel the power of love, those who are desperate to have a child, perhaps in the year of the Rooster, will find out that they will soon become parents. As for a career, then Virgos should restrain their temper and disagreement, and then dismissal can be avoided.

in the year of the Rooster, they must closely monitor their health, it is the heart that can fail, and the lack of regular exercise or a healthy lifestyle can lead to obesity. Money problems may be in the second half of the year, but Libra can be calm, as other signs of the zodiac will come to their aid.

in the year of the Rooster, he will be able to significantly improve his position in business. Whether it's your own business or a career in an organization, Scorpio's positions are strong everywhere. Thanks to this, they will be able to purchase something significant and large that they could not afford before, for example, a new car or apartment.

can safely count on the comprehensive support from the Rooster. Whether it's a new start, a decision to change your place of residence, or even a job. However, Sagittarius should not get carried away, excessive luck can contribute to the fact that the representative of this sign becomes conceited and makes many mistakes. In terms of health and family relations, the Rooster guarantees harmony and consistency to the cautious Sagittarius.

For the year of the Rooster, it does not promise financial problems, but it recommends not striving to make all the money at once, but to allocate time and improve your health. Hardworking Capricorns will not always be understandable to their soul mates, as well as business partners, but it is in the year of the Rooster that it is worth mastering the technique of compromises.

For the Rooster, he recommends overcoming natural laziness and directing energy to your creativity. The rooster itself is hardworking and does not lie down, it is always busy, so Aquarius should take advantage of the potential of the year and develop their hobby, passion and even individual projects that they did not dare to do before.

The controversial Rooster advises to learn to appreciate what they have. The year promises to be turbulent in terms of finances and Pisces will have to make efforts to preserve what they have earned before. It is also worth treating chronic diseases, the respiratory and nervous systems.

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