How To Arrange A Wall Newspaper For A Birthday

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How To Arrange A Wall Newspaper For A Birthday
How To Arrange A Wall Newspaper For A Birthday

Video: How To Arrange A Wall Newspaper For A Birthday

Video: How To Arrange A Wall Newspaper For A Birthday
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The tradition of drawing wall newspapers on the occasion of birthdays can become somewhat boring in just three to four years. Sooner or later, you get bored of composing such posters according to the same template - from congratulations, poems and a photo of the birthday person. The idea can be refreshed by abandoning the usual schemes. For example, draw a "movie" or write a comic about a "newborn".

How to arrange a wall newspaper for a birthday
How to arrange a wall newspaper for a birthday


Step 1

When choosing a wall newspaper design style, be guided by the character of the birthday person. We offer several examples for several groups of people, you can adjust these ideas according to the personality of a particular person.

Step 2

You can use the superhero comic genre to congratulate the man. Divide a piece of Whatman paper into 6 equal squares at the same distance from each other. Each of the fragments is a place for a story about a heroic episode from the life of the hero of the occasion. Remember the significant events in his biography, when he showed courage, endurance, firmness of character. If there are none, you can treat the situation with humor and exaggerate the meaning of the most standard events or come up with a heroic story that never happened.

Step 3

On a rough draft, draw a sketch of each story. In half of the squares for the drawings, you can depict the hero and other participants in the middle plan, in the other three frames, for a change, take a close-up - for example, the hero's fist striking the enemy, etc.

Step 4

Draw the comic on a Whatman paper and briefly sign each piece. Browse through several comic magazines to find the style that suits your wall newspaper.

Step 5

If you are unsure of your talent as an artist, you can transform this idea a little. Instead of a comic strip, imagine on the poster stills from a movie, such as a western. Cut out several rectangles from a separate piece of Whatman paper, each of which will symbolize one frame. Draw dark stripes on the sides, like a film strip.

Step 6

Find screenshots of a suitable movie on the Internet, in which the hero fights evil or saves a girl. Enlarge the images to the size of whatman "frames", print on a color printer and stick on the prepared "film". Arrange the fragments on the wall newspaper in chronological order. Instead of the face of the movie hero, paste in the face of the birthday boy.

Step 7

To make a story like this for children, use their favorite fairy tales or cartoons instead of movie plots.

Step 8

To create such a story about a girl, you can pick up old photographs decorated in the same style that convey the story of your acquaintance with her. To enliven the impressions and decorate the wall newspaper, glue to it little things that remind of some pleasant events - cinema tickets, dried leaves, stamps from envelopes, etc.