How To Arrange A New Year For A Child

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How To Arrange A New Year For A Child
How To Arrange A New Year For A Child

Video: How To Arrange A New Year For A Child

Video: How To Arrange A New Year For A Child
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New Year is traditionally a family holiday. Subsequently, on merry holidays, your child will have time to attend New Year's performances, go to the skating rink, to the cinema. But December 31 is better to spend at home, with your family.

How to arrange a New Year for a child
How to arrange a New Year for a child


Step 1

Prepare for the holiday in advance. If your child has not yet reached adolescence, if faith in miracles has not disappeared in him, write a letter to Santa Claus with him. Just explain to him that Santa Claus cannot fulfill impossible requests, such as a flight to the moon or a set of magic wands.

Step 2

Take care of buying a gift in advance. On holiday days, you simply may not find something that your child would really be happy about. Try to make a beautiful gift wrapping or entrust this business to professionals. Hide your purchase at home in the safest and most secluded place. Children are curious people and it is quite possible that they will search the whole apartment in search of a gift.

Step 3

Decorate the Christmas tree with your child on the eve of the holiday. If you do this earlier, the child may lose the New Year's mood, and an elegant Christmas tree will be perceived as something ordinary.

Step 4

If your child is not afraid of strangers, invite Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. This will serve as a good addition to a family holiday. But if he no longer believes in the existence of fairy-tale characters, do not risk it. At best, children will laugh at their parents, who still think they are stupid kids.

Step 5

If your child is still young enough to celebrate the New Year at midnight, perform and reward with a small gift. Dance together around the tree. If friends come to the older child, you can solve riddles together or play a little New Year's performance.

Step 6

Do not give the gift to the child in the hands. Wait until he falls asleep, and only then put the gift under the tree. For a child who can already read, arrange for additional entertainment. Hang a sock or box with the inscription on the tree

"Look into me", and put a note inside, indicating where to look for a surprise. Or you can place several signs in the apartment, which will lead the child to the long-awaited gift.

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