What Are Funny And Harmless Pranks

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What Are Funny And Harmless Pranks
What Are Funny And Harmless Pranks

Video: What Are Funny And Harmless Pranks

Video: What Are Funny And Harmless Pranks
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The pranks and jokes that you arrange for family, friends, or colleagues should be kind and harmless. There is no need to put gullible people in an unfavorable light, because resentment spoils a person's mood for a long time. Think about your jokes so that they are only funny and bring joy to those around you.

What are funny and harmless pranks
What are funny and harmless pranks


  • - dumplings with unexpected filling;
  • - dried or smoked fish;
  • - walnuts and gelatinous worms;
  • - bubble;
  • - the person playing the new boss;
  • - coin and glue.


Step 1

This delicious and harmless prank is perfect for a caring mom. Getting up on April 1 early in the morning, prepare "funny" dumplings for breakfast for the whole family. Take as a filling not cottage cheese and cherries, but something unexpected, but very tasty. These can be dried fruits, marmalade, pieces of fruits and berries unusual for dumplings (mango, banana, kiwi, pineapple, orange, etc.). Everyone will have fun and wonder what will be the filling in the next dumpling.

Step 2

A practical joke for avid fishermen is as follows: after going fishing with friends, hide five smoked or dried fish among your things. When everyone settles in their places and begins to concentrate on waiting for a bite, put one of your fish on the hook and "catch" it. Start loudly surprised at such a natural phenomenon and invite your friends to evaluate the catch. Of course, you will be exposed, but it will be fun and hardly anyone will be offended.

Step 3

Another delicious prank can be arranged at home or at work. Buy some walnuts, carefully open the shells and remove the kernels. Place the small gelatin worms, which are sold in sachets, inside. Combine the shells by dipping them in melted sugar. Your family and friends will be very surprised at such gluttonous "surprises".

Step 4

Try to prank your colleagues by the appearance of a "new boss". One fine day the door of the office will open and a respectable person will appear, declaring himself the new owner. He begins to read out the new requirements for employees. At first, they will be a little strange, and at the end, write absolutely ridiculous points. One of the colleagues must sooner or later discover the catch and expose the impostor.

Step 5

Look for the first of April on the street, at work, anywhere, for a person in white clothes and completely sincerely tell him that his whole back is white.

Step 6

In the corridor of a building, where there are many offices and offices, use very strong glue to attach a tempting little thing or coin to the floor. Watch how people will try to pick it up in order to make this prank not offensive, after vain attempts, treat people to candy.