How To Make A Christmas Tree At Home

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How To Make A Christmas Tree At Home
How To Make A Christmas Tree At Home

Video: How To Make A Christmas Tree At Home

Video: How To Make A Christmas Tree At Home
Video: Christmas tree craft at home| Easy method to make Christmas tree at home|MS craft and vlog 2023, March

Not all apartments have a place for a fluffy Christmas tree, but do not deprive yourself of this symbol of a magical holiday! Make a small Christmas tree out of shiny tinsel or other improvised means and decorate the room with it for the New Year.

How to make a Christmas tree at home
How to make a Christmas tree at home

It is necessary

  • - PVA glue;
  • - thick threads;
  • - mosquito net or flower net;
  • - electric garland;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - a cup for diluting the glue;
  • - brush.


Step 1

Cover a sheet of whatman paper with tape or cover with cling film so that the finished Christmas tree can be easily removed. Roll a cone from this sheet of the size you want to see the future decoration. Carefully trim the bottom of the cone, make small cuts to secure the threads, place an oilcloth on the table and put on work clothes. In a cup or bowl, dilute PVA glue so that the solution looks like milk in consistency. Pull the thread through the glue, wind it around the cone in a chaotic manner, but evenly filling the shape

Step 2

Wrap the cone with threads of different colors or only green - that's up to you. When you have filled the paper frame tightly enough, leave it to dry thoroughly, cut off the end of the cone with the stretched threads and, gently twisting the paper form inside, remove it from the Christmas tree. Sew the bottom with a bias tape or ribbon for wrapping gifts

Step 3

Tuck an electric garland consisting of flashlights or other shapes inside the thread cone, leaving a cord with a switch outside. If your garland is a string of LED bulbs, carefully attach them by threading short wires. Hang small Christmas tree decorations or fine tinsel outside on these wires

Step 4

Instead of threads, take a flower net or mosquito net, cut it into strips. Use a combination of grids of different colors, with different mesh sizes. On a paper cone, attach the edge of the tape soaked in PVA solution using tape or a pin. Lubricate the mesh with glue on a brush on top

Step 5

Fasten each decorative layer of the Christmas tree with pins so that the rigid mesh does not lose its shape. After one layer has dried, stick the next one on it. As in the first option for making a homemade Christmas tree, fix the electric garland inside

Step 6

To add a festive sparkle to your Christmas toy, use chains of small sparkling decorations that hang outside the mesh frame. Gold bells, silver snowflakes or colorful balls are perfect for this. These original handmade Christmas trees will decorate a festive table or any other place in the room where guests and your family will gather to celebrate the New Year.

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