How To Wish A Man A Happy New Year

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How To Wish A Man A Happy New Year
How To Wish A Man A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish A Man A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish A Man A Happy New Year
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Fluffy snow, light frost, a mixture of wonderful smells of tangerines and fragrant spruce - all this is a magical New Year holiday! Almost everyone is waiting for him with impatience, they believe in miracles, make wishes, eating 12 slices of tangerine to the chimes, and are sure that their wish will certainly come true. And pleasant surprises and gifts await you under the Christmas tree. For some reason, everyone believes that as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it. This means that you need to prepare thoroughly for the meeting so that the holiday will leave an unforgettable experience. And of course, we must not forget to congratulate the beloved man!

How to wish a man a Happy New Year
How to wish a man a Happy New Year


Step 1

To begin with, in the house (after all, you will celebrate the New Year together?) You need to create a magical festive atmosphere. Dress up the Christmas tree, it's not scary if it is very small! After all, the most important thing is that the tree is a symbol of the New Year. Decorate rooms, kitchen, corridor with colorful garlands and Christmas decorations.

Step 2

Prepare some cute unexpected surprise. For example, publish a wall newspaper, post your brightest and most joyful photos: where you are together, some bright events from your life, dream up. Decorate it and hang it up so you can see it right away. Or write warm words of congratulation, arrange it brightly and colorfully, like a poster, and also place it in the most prominent place. The main thing is your desire and a little imagination.

Step 3

Of course, you prepared a gift in advance. You know what your man likes and what he loves. Imagine what you would like to receive yourself as a gift for the New Year. And, in the end, it doesn't matter which gift you choose - the main thing is that the choice is made with love.

Step 4

Cover the holiday table with his favorite salads and other foods. Think of how you can decorate it. If you are going to celebrate the New Year only together, put candles on the table, and scatter rose petals on the tablecloth. This will create not only a magical, but also a romantic atmosphere. Or you can play up your dishes in the form of some objects. For example, make rays of the sun from lemon slices, and grass from cucumber.

Step 5

You can also meet a man with a little imagination. Dress up, for example, as an oriental princess and dance your favorite belly dance. Believe me, he will appreciate it! Do not forget to present a gift after the dance. But you can hide the gift under the Christmas tree.

Step 6

To the chimes, raise your glasses and congratulate your man on the New. Promise each other to put any grudges in the past. Arrange your loved one a pleasant magical evening and an unforgettable holiday. Enjoy every minute spent next to each other!

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