How To Wish Your Partners A Happy New Year

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How To Wish Your Partners A Happy New Year
How To Wish Your Partners A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish Your Partners A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish Your Partners A Happy New Year
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In the hot New Year's bustle in any working establishment, the question arises of congratulating their business partners. If you take care of this in advance and correctly arrange these small surprises, you can deliver your partners a few joyful minutes and leave a pleasant impression of yourself.

How to wish your partners a Happy New Year
How to wish your partners a Happy New Year


Step 1

Send congratulations to your business partners in advance. Use all available means. These can be regular and e-mails, similar greeting cards, postal telegrams, faxes, etc. Do not forget that each of the listed methods has its own delivery time. If your addressee is in the far abroad, keep in mind that mail is heavily overloaded at the end of December. Submit your postcard or letter a few weeks in advance.

Step 2

The most suitable type of congratulations are postcards. To make your congratulations stand out among the huge number of stereotyped wishes, devote a little more time to writing texts. Pre-calculate the number of characters that will fit nicely on the postcard. You can also arrange congratulations on letterhead. Follow all business correspondence standards.

Step 3

Stick to the structure of your greeting letter. Your congratulations can be sent to various organizations and firms in Russia, countries of near and far abroad. Therefore, make sure that several variants of the text are developed. Your congratulatory letter should be easy to read and start with a message, greeting. Be sure to specify the correct job title and addressee's name, as well as other required details.

Step 4

When composing a greeting in a foreign language, follow the rules of business etiquette. Most often, this message is written in a neutral style, excluding excessive familiarity. It should be remembered that the main purpose of your letter, postcard, phone call is a Happy New Year, it is better not to mention business issues. By the way, do not forget about your partner's attitude towards the New Year celebration. For example, in America, Christmas is more celebrated than New Year itself.

Step 5

Observe the correct presentation of the congratulatory text. It is served either in the first person plural, or on behalf of the leader in the first person singular. For example, “congratulations and wish” and “congratulations and hope”. You can write a long greeting, or you can limit yourself to a few weighty phrases. Then such structural parts as the meaning of the holiday, recollection of last year's results, assessment of the significance of relations with the addressee and compliments will have to either not be mentioned or conveyed in a more concise form.

Step 6

Be sure to look forward to further cooperation in the coming year if you intend to continue the relationship. The wishes in your congratulations should be expressed sincerely. Preferably these are wishes for prosperity, conquering new markets, reliable partners, success in work, etc. These phrases can be used at the end of your greeting letter. Please sign in accordance with generally accepted rules.