How To Celebrate The New Year With A Small Child

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How To Celebrate The New Year With A Small Child
How To Celebrate The New Year With A Small Child

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year With A Small Child

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year With A Small Child
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They say that as you meet the coming year, you will spend it. A small child in a family is not at all a reason for young parents to give up fun. Of course, families with nursing babies will have to limit themselves somewhat. An older child can be included in the general fun and organize something interesting especially for him.

How to celebrate the New Year with a small child
How to celebrate the New Year with a small child

It is necessary

  • - Santa Claus;
  • - tree;
  • - present;
  • - festive dishes.


Step 1

It is, of course, too early for a newborn to celebrate the New Year with everyone else. Parents shouldn't go to a restaurant or to see their friends either, even if grandparents agree to stay with the baby. Even a baby, who is several weeks old, will feel the pre-holiday bustle and absence of a mother by his side. Therefore, if your living conditions allow, invite guests to your place. The kid must follow the usual routine and be in his usual room. Decorate the tree and set the table in another room. The company of adults should not be very large and noisy.

Step 2

It is possible that the baby, feeling general excitement, will become capricious. Mom will have to hold him in her arms for a while, even if he usually calmly falls asleep in the crib without any motion sickness. Don't worry or get angry. Allow the newborn to be slightly off-schedule. When the whole company goes for a walk to the city-wide tree, take it with you. On the street in a wheelchair, he quickly falls asleep.

Step 3

Show the tree to a young child. It is better to put it so that the baby cannot reach the wires and breakable toys. Of course, the tree must be stable. Even a six-month-old baby will be delighted to see something unusual. Burning light bulbs will simply cause a surge of emotions. You can put a one-year-old baby with you at the table, especially since he is unlikely to fall asleep quickly on such a day. Prepare the usual meals and a gift for him. A one-year-old baby may not yet figure out what's what, but he will certainly be delighted with a new toy. It's too early to invite Santa Claus to such a baby.

Step 4

A two-year-old baby can already become a full participant in the holiday. The kid will be glad that his grandparents will come to visit him. It is even better if there are acquaintances with children of the same age or slightly older. The little host will be happy to prepare to receive guests. He can be instructed to arrange the plates on the children's table, put candies and fruits in vases, put napkins. Ask your friends if children are allergic to any foods. These products should not be on the children's table.

Step 5

Learn a poem or song with your baby. Arrange with your friends so that their children also prepare some kind of number. Prepare prizes. Use candy or small toys. Whether or not to invite Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden is up to you. Some kids get scared of this. In any case, be with the little ones when guests come to them.

Step 6

Give your little ones a chance to play in peace. Two-year-old children cannot be constantly excited, they quickly get tired of it. Noticing that the kids are beginning to be capricious, keep them busy with some quiet business. Come up with some outdoor games, just in case. They are needed if children need to be quickly distracted with something.

Step 7

If parents want to sit at the table longer, prepare sleeping places for the little ones. Noticing that the children are tired, take them to another room, lay them down and sit with them for a while.

Step 8

For children from three years old, you can arrange a holiday on one of the New Year's weekends. It doesn't have to be December 31st or January 1st. You can arrange a Christmas tree on the 2nd or 3rd. Make an agreement with your acquaintances so that everyone will prepare New Year's costumes. Parents can also play Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. You can arrange watching New Year cartoons, outdoor games, family relay races, in which everyone will get prizes.

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