How To Wish A Child A Happy New Year

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How To Wish A Child A Happy New Year
How To Wish A Child A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish A Child A Happy New Year

Video: How To Wish A Child A Happy New Year
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We create holidays with our own hands. If you are thinking how to wish your child a Happy New Year so that the memory of the holiday will remain with him for many years, these tips are for you. You can congratulate the New Year traditionally or in an original way, at home or at a party, modestly or magnificently, one thing is important - that you do it with love and imagination!

How to wish a child a Happy New Year
How to wish a child a Happy New Year

It is necessary

Colored paper, scissors, Christmas balls, crackers … and imagination !


Step 1

The most important thing in the holiday is anticipation. Take the time to prepare for a family celebration, in which your child will be the main participant and irreplaceable helper. Together, paint the windows with gouache or tooth powder diluted in water, make the whole family sit down to cut paper snowflakes, and arrange a contest for the most beautiful one! Have you forgotten about the lanterns and garlands? Ask your kid to help pack gifts for grandparents and other adults - after all, Santa Claus does not come to them anymore. You can make a wall newspaper and decorate it with photos of the events of the past year. Choose a funny dish for the New Year's table, in the creation of which the child can participate: a salad in the shape of a snowman or "fly agaric" from eggs and tomatoes. And then arrange a revision of the old Christmas tree decorations, remember the family legends associated with them. Finally, dress up your beautiful green Christmas tree!

Step 2

When you invite guests to the celebration or go to visit yourself, do not forget that the New Year, first of all, is a holiday for children. And the picture, when adults indulge in "gluttony" at the table, and children at the same table fall asleep from boredom, looks unsightly. While the younger family members are not yet time to sleep, you can arrange a home puppet show with them, a round dance around the Christmas tree in carnival masks, a quiz with a drawing of small gifts or an old good game of forfeits. If the weather permits, you can even go outside with bengal lights and firecrackers … This evening and adults it is not a sin to feel like children! And you will still have time to watch the "Blue Light" when the kids enjoy New Year's dreams. If parents, under their control, light a small electric garland in a semi-dark bedroom, this magical night will surely be remembered by children for many, many years.

Step 3

But what about Santa Claus, you ask? Who better than him to wish the child a Happy New Year? Well, firstly, a letter to Santa Claus can be written even at the stage of preparation for the holiday, nowadays Santa Claus even has his own website, which is easy to find on the Internet. Secondly, many firms offer the services of "visiting" grandfathers and snow maidens. Before you decide to invite a stranger Santa Claus into the house, assess the psychological readiness of your child to meet with an unfamiliar uncle who may not be very sober. Use the services of trusted firms, or ask one of your friends or neighbors. And my own dad in the role of Santa Claus can perform very successfully if he approaches the matter creatively. If the child suspects under the father's false beard, one can come up with a story that Grandfather Frost was in a great hurry and entrusted his father not only to give a gift to the baby, but also his own personal boots.

Step 4

If a meeting with Santa Claus is not expected, the baby will find gifts in the morning under the Christmas tree. Be careful - after all, he can only pretend to be asleep to see how they appear there! And get out of bed in the morning, run barefoot around the room to find a long-awaited surprise under the New Year's tree … This is one of those childhood moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. And older children should not be deprived of this ritual. Especially if the gift is exactly the one that your child has long dreamed of. Be attentive and listen to the wishes of the child long before the holiday. If the choice turns out to be burdensome for the wallet, it can still be delicately adjusted during this time. The best gifts, as you remember, are those that are made by hand, awaken imagination and encourage thought - when choosing, look not at the size of the box, but at its contents!

Step 5

New Year's morning is followed by a long winter vacation, which can also be spent profitably - theaters and circuses give numerous performances, exhibitions open … It is better to take care of tickets in advance. And if you follow these recommendations, be sure that you can wish your child a Happy New Year so that he will remember it for the rest of his life!

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