How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In

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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In
How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In

Video: How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In

Video: How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In
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Wedding chores are always very exciting for both the groom and the bride. Especially when it comes to choosing a photographer, because you need a professional who will feel the atmosphere and emphasize only the beneficial moments of your celebration. So how to choose the right wedding photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer
How to choose a wedding photographer


Step 1


A good photographer posts a portfolio, creative biography and contacts on his website. Type in the search "wedding photographer" and your city. And the fun begins: choose the best! First of all, pay attention to the author's experience, he must have experience in photojournalism, because a wedding is also a kind of reportage that has a persistent time frame. Take a closer look at the person himself, oddly enough, but an important criterion is "impressed or not." Advertising tricks like "personal touch and creative thinking" are often just dust in the eyes. And in general, the first thing is photography. Look at the works of the author, because they will reveal their full potential and taste. Do not stop at one photographer at once, browse several sites.

Step 2

A meeting.

Websites are websites, but whether you will feel comfortable in the presence of a photographer, whether you will find common ideas, you will only know when you meet. Therefore, discuss the time and meet.

Step 3


The photographer you are looking for should look for the frame himself, intuitively guess the course of events, and not line up the guests and you in poses. The pretense and falsity of the plot will only spoil your wedding album. It is better to pay more and trust the photographer than to save money and run the whole wedding in search of the right place and shape. And yet, hiring an amateur, you are not insured against low-quality photos, the pros, in turn, guarantee quality regardless of the weather, mood or other factors.

Step 4

Follow these tips when choosing a photographer: * Don't stop at one site. Browse through several works. * Take time to meet with the photographer in person. Ask interesting questions, tell the wedding plan. * The portfolio speaks for itself. We should pay attention to the photo format 20x30 cm. They are the most profitable. * Trust your intuition and eyes. The photo should be "catchy", be "alive". Photos with a lot of additional effects shout about the unprofessionalism of the author, about his low-quality work. Your wedding book is the first thing that you will show to your friends and what you will admire yourself. * The wedding portfolio should be correctly built: a house (registry office), a walk, a celebration. The photographer should have about ten works from one wedding, which will conclude all 3 parts. * The person should be pleasant to you, his speech and appearance should not be annoying, because the whole wedding you will be in contact with him. * Agreement. Be sure to discuss all the nuances and parameters of the photographer's work and formalize them on paper. This will help you save money, nerves, and you will also avoid cheating. * Make sure that the equipment for shooting is not amateur. Don't ask me about megapixels. The main thing for the pros is good optics. * The cheapest options are not always the most profitable. Beautiful photos for you!