How To Decorate A Hall For Valentine's Day

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How To Decorate A Hall For Valentine's Day
How To Decorate A Hall For Valentine's Day

Video: How To Decorate A Hall For Valentine's Day

Video: How To Decorate A Hall For Valentine's Day
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On this romantic day, I want to make everything beautiful around - people, the street, my room, the hall where guests will gather. To decorate the room for Valentine's Day, you do not have to spend a lot of money and time - just a few cute accents.

How to decorate a hall for Valentine's Day
How to decorate a hall for Valentine's Day

It is necessary

  • - Balloons;
  • - wire;
  • - red napkins;
  • - red wrapping paper with a pattern of hearts;
  • - cardboard red and white.


Step 1

Buy balloons in red and white, heart-shaped or just round. Fill them with helium or air until they are the same size. Attach the balloons filled with helium to chair backs using satin ribbons or gift wrapping ribbons. From the wire, make heart contours of the same or different sizes. If the hall is large, shape the figures large enough so that they are not lost in the room. Tie the balls carefully to the wire, alternating colors or, if you find it difficult, make the hearts of the same color. Hang balloon decorations on walls or attach to chandeliers.

Step 2

Buy a heart ornament stencil from a stationery store or cut it yourself. Take two cans of red and white paint. From a piece of textured wallpaper remaining from the repair, cut into squares and paint them from spray cans or simply with a brush. Wait for the background to dry, then use a stencil to apply the drawings with contrasting paint. From above, the ornament can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones, or, until the paint has dried, sprinkle with finely chopped Christmas tree tinsel. Stick these original decorations on cardboard or thick paper, hang on the walls with buttons or pins. Like Christmas tree paper garlands, cut chains of hearts and glue several strips into one long one. You can also decorate the walls of the hall with such garlands for Valentine's Day.

Step 3

In the halls where festive evenings are held, there are usually large windows and, if they are not decorated with beautiful curtains or blinds, you can decorate them too. String several layers of corrugated craft paper in red with a white or pink print on a live thread, then gather the material by pulling on this thread. You should have fluffy ruffles. Bend different shapes from the wire - hearts, circles, flowers. Secure the collected paper to the wire. Instead of craft paper, you can use wrapping polyethylene for wrapping gifts, nylon hair bands, or starched cloth of a suitable color.

Step 4

To decorate the table for Valentine's Day, choose dishes that have red and white colors. Bowls filled with jelly figurines in the form of hearts will look good. On top of the salads with mayonnaise, draw the symbols of the holiday. Cut out fiery hearts from red ordinary napkins and put them under the glasses, with red wine. Do not forget about candles - this indispensable attribute of romance.

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