How To Make A New Year Collage

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How To Make A New Year Collage
How To Make A New Year Collage

Video: How To Make A New Year Collage

Video: How To Make A New Year Collage
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If you do not want to give your friends already fed up with traditional postcards for the New Year, replace them with an exclusive piece created by you personally. Convey the festive mood with the help of clippings, appliques, drawings combined in a New Year's collage.

How to make a New Year collage
How to make a New Year collage


Step 1

Define the subject of your picture and sketch on the draft. The composition of the collage assumes absolute freedom - make up the elements as you see fit. As for the content of the picture, choose one of three paths. First, you can make a collage with traditional New Year symbols - spruce, tangerines, Santa Claus, snowflakes. To somehow diversify such a composition, you can stylize all the elements - for example, make them in the Gothic style.

Step 2

The second way to create a New Year's collage is to look for inspiration in fairy tales. Remember the works that take place on New Years, Christmas, or just in winter. Illustrate such a story.

Step 3

Finally, you can get away from all the standard associations and create your own personal plot. Create the most incredible New Year story in a parallel dimension, or draw your own dream. Even the most absurd characters and compositions can look like New Year's.

Step 4

Determine the size of the fragments in the picture and select the basis for the collage of the required parameters. Use paper that won't warp with glue or paint, such as watercolors or pastels. You can also use cardboard.

Step 5

Prepare the background for your picture. You can make glazing with acrylic paints. To do this, apply one color to the base, wait until it dries. Then paint with a second and wash off with water. By blurring the paint to a transparent state, you can create the illusion of unusual texture and volume. Also, under the layers of paint or instead of it, you can stick beautiful pieces of paper, pieces of fabric, candy wrappers - everything that will help you create a New Year's mood on paper.

Step 6

Make the main elements of the collage using different techniques. Some of them can be cut from magazines, advertising brochures, old unnecessary textbooks. The other is to be made in the form of paper or fabric appliqués. Draw some characters by hand. Place the cut out elements on the sheet without gluing to make sure that such a composition suits you. Then secure all the pieces with a thin layer of glue. To prevent the paper from warping, you can put it under the press, covering it with a clean sheet.

Step 7

Complete the collage with small elements such as sparkles, beads or artificial snow. You can drop an ethereal little tangerine on the fabric part - then your work from the very first seconds will be associated with the New Year.

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