How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Wedding

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How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Wedding
How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Wedding

Video: How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Wedding

Video: How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Wedding
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A wedding is the most exciting and important event in the life of a couple who decided to tie the knot. How to make your wedding a bright and memorable event? Prepare and organize it correctly!

Wedding budget

The very first thing that future newlyweds should do is to draw up a list of expenses and determine the amount that they are willing to spend on organizing a wedding celebration. Additional costs must also be included in the “budget”. The wedding budget should be planned six months or a year before the scheduled date.

Wedding style

Correctly selected wedding image of the bride and groom is a guarantee of pleasant memories of the wedding. You can organize a stylized wedding, then the newlyweds and guests will be in appropriate images. If the wedding is supposed to be in a classic style, then you should take care of combining the wedding images of the bride and groom.

Marriage registration

It is very important to decide on the date of the future wedding and submit an application to the registry office. The place of registration can be chosen at will. Nowadays, off-site registration has become very popular, especially if it takes place in an unusual place. Many registry offices have such a service - booking a wedding date. The required date and time can be booked at least six months in advance, and the application must be submitted as expected, a month and a half before the wedding.

Photo and video filming

In order to retain pleasant and visual memories of the wedding, it is necessary to choose a photographer. If the wedding is scheduled for the summer, you should start choosing a photographer in the spring, as good photographers are often snapped up. How to choose a photographer? It is very good if he has his own website where you can see works and portfolio. You can search through friends and acquaintances, in any case a personal meeting and conversation is necessary. Often, videographers also work together with photographers, who for a certain amount can edit a whole film about a wedding or a small wedding clip.


You should choose a restaurant based on its cuisine and, of course, your budget. It is necessary to draw up a banquet menu in advance, coordinating it with the restaurant. When drawing up a menu and calculating portions per person, you need to know exactly the number of invitees and make sure that everyone will come.

Toastmaster / host

A good presenter is the key to a fun wedding, so you should choose him by recommendation. The search for a presenter, as well as a photographer and videographer, should begin several months before the date of the celebration. The toastmaster can also offer DJs and artists.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of marriage, so many newlyweds are extremely meticulous in their choice of rings. Jewelry salons can offer both ready-made options and a catalog of models to order.


A few months before the wedding, you should also agree with a makeup artist and hairdresser, send out invitations to guests, think over a ransom scenario, choose a car for the newlyweds and transport for guests.

Preparations for the wedding should begin six months before the appointed date or even earlier. By organizing the celebration in advance, it will be possible to avoid hitching on the wedding day, and then this wonderful event will become the brightest memory!