How To Spend A Corporate Holiday

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How To Spend A Corporate Holiday
How To Spend A Corporate Holiday

Video: How To Spend A Corporate Holiday

Video: How To Spend A Corporate Holiday
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Any holiday needs to be well prepared. A corporate event requires carefully thought out actions so that there are fewer surprises left. Of course, surprises always happen and sometimes make the party more interesting. But, as you know, the best impromptu is a prepared impromptu.

How to spend a corporate holiday
How to spend a corporate holiday


Step 1

Choose a place for a corporate event. To do this, first of all, you need to determine the number of participants, then take into account the nature of the holiday. If this is a sporting event, a picturesque meadow outside the city is best suited. For a New Year's party, order a restaurant. Be sure to inspect the place in advance, even if you have been there recently. Choose the right dining room - it should not be crowded or stuffy. Check all communications, smoking areas, restrooms, air conditioning. If the holiday is held in the summer, there must be a split system; in winter the hall should be well heated.

Step 2

Think about the design. It is necessary to create a festive atmosphere: what it should be - chic, formal, cheerful and perky. Maybe it will be a carnival, then an appropriate design is needed. That is, the design of the place of the party should depend on its nature and purpose. To ensure professional execution, invite designers or florists. But you can do it on your own, for example, gather a team and arrange a brainstorming session. Develop an action plan, assign responsible people for each site, but do not forget about a single concept. Preparing for the holiday is also an interesting process that fascinates no less than the celebration itself. Make sure that the celebration has music appropriate to the atmosphere and purpose, delicious and beautifully served food.

Step 3

Write a program for the holiday, specifying a time frame. Describe each step, indicating when it will take place. Include all the details: executive greeting, specific music, speeches. Do not leave pauses so that you do not have to feverishly fill them with something later. It's better to have homemade preparations just in case.

Step 4

Choose a host. It can be a person from a team who has an excellent memory, artistic appearance, beautiful speech, the ability to get out of any situation and creative thinking. If you are not interested, hire a professional.

Step 5

Send out invitations. You can simply go through all departments (or workshops) and verbally invite participants. But there is a risk that someone will forget or confuse the time and place of the holiday. Therefore, prepare invitation cards.

Step 6

A corporate holiday is not only an opportunity to have fun and delicious food, but also to benefit. At such events, one can celebrate the work of the team, take stock, present certificates and gifts, make the necessary announcements, and talk about new benefits.