How To Have A New Year's Performance At School In High School

How To Have A New Year's Performance At School In High School
How To Have A New Year's Performance At School In High School

Video: How To Have A New Year's Performance At School In High School

Video: How To Have A New Year's Performance At School In High School
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Many have already begun to ask an exciting question: how to make a New Year's school performance truly unforgettable? I have an answer to your question! We would like to draw your attention to a unique professional author's script for a New Year's performance, which tells about the fragility of a child's faith in miracles. An exciting storyline, sparkling dialogues, taking the soul for a living and making you cry with emotion and happiness, the ideological meaning …

How to have a New Year's performance at school in high school
How to have a New Year's performance at school in high school

New Year's performance.


Santa Claus.

Snow Maiden

Elves - Saiman and Ted.

Hackers - Hori, Nightman, Ser Haruki.

Evil forces - 2 witches, Baba Yaga, Koschey.

Good forces - Misha and Masha (from Masha and the Bear), Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf, two heroes, Puss in Boots.

Mother and father.

Girl Alice.


First action. Part one.

Alice: Mommy, I put my letter to Santa Claus. It's under the tree. Do you think he'll take it, right?..

Mom: Of course, Alice. Of course it will! You've been such a good kid all year …

Alice: I love you, mom …

Mom: I love you too, dear … And now it's time to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

Alice: And you, mommy.

Alice goes to bed. Dad enters the room.

Dad: Well dear, did Alice put her message on the tree?

Mom: Yes … You know, I feel sorry for her. One terrible day our deception will become known to her.

Dad: Honey, this is what all people go through when they become adults …

Mom: How fragile childhood dreams and hopes are. One realistically firm word of an adult is enough … and bang! The dream breaks into pieces …

Dad: I'm sorry. But this is reality. There is no place in life for kind fairy tales and perfect happy ends! To survive, you need to work and endure trouble …

Mom: But sometimes you really want all the good Disney fairy tales to become a part of reality! Just for a minute … See all this magic with your own eyes! How great it is!

Dad: I confess my dear, I believed in miracles until the age of 11. No, don't laugh, really. My parents cherished my magical hopes too carefully, but one terrible day I found out everything.

Mom: No matter how sad it is, we have to open Alisino's letter to Santa Claus …

Mom and Dad go to the tree. They take out an envelope, open it. At this moment, Alice runs into the room.

Alice: I can't sleep …

(Towards the end of the phrase, the voice dies down. She begins to cry. Runs out of the room)

Parents: Sweetheart!

Parents run after her. The envelope falls into the fireplace and burns up. A picture appears on the screen - a letter is burning in the fireplace.

Sorceress: “In an instant, in one careless movement, in one too much spoken word, the whole world can collapse. A whole world of childhood dreams. All the castles fall at once, the princesses cut off their magic hair, the knights are deprived of courage and strength, the good dream king and joy queen descend from the throne of reign. In their place are two soulless ones: the king-reality and the queen-truth. They rule … no, not harshly … they just speak the truth. The truth and nothing else. And children don't always want to know the truth.

And all this happens in one short moment, in an instant! As if with a snap of your fingers, everything disappears. Shatters in the wind like ash …"

Second action.

Elf: DJ-Frost, we have problems! These damn hackers hacked our system again! AND…

Phone call.

- Yes, 100 thousand chupachups and two tons of marmalade!

Elf: Here! And now we have problems with express mail. We…

Second call:

- What ?! What other dishwashers ?! Why do eight-year-old girls need these machines ?! For the future?.. what is the future! Bankruptcy shines for you in the future! We all terminate the contract with you! Blah blah blah! Not girls, but dishwashers ?! Pi, pi, pi !!!

Elf: All messages from children sent by express mail cannot be delivered to us. Now…

Third call:

- Yes! Nooo! I have not ordered dishwashers from you !!!

Elf: And now everyone …

Fourth call:

-Yes!! What else ?! Oh … honey. Hello my darling … How are you ?. Sunny … and I love you! No, I am more! And I am even more …

Santa Claus: Hmm !!!

Elf: All bye, darling. Kisses…

Santa Claus: Well, maybe you can explain, in the end, what is happening?

Elf: DJ - Frost, we have problems … and!

Santa Claus: How many times do I ask you not to call me that?..

Elf: I'll take a look! (opens notebook) Oh !! One thousand seven hundred twenty six!

Santa Claus: Listen, Simon, you haven't taken a vacation for over a hundred years! Maybe you need a little rest?..

Elf: No, no, no, no, no! Hmm.. (in a whisper) I told you how I was dropped into a barrel with a Red Bull at my father's factory. And since then I've been so hyper - active! (Runs in place)

Santa Claus: I wish I had more workers like you! Well, to the point! What have you got there? Tell me everything in order.

Elf: We have problems. Japanese anti-Christmas hackers hacked our express mail server. They changed the password there, and now we will not be able to check the letters sent to us by children from all over the world! You know that we have changed the delivery service, however, only starting this New Year! Now all letters come to us only by express mail, burned in fireplaces. We have a contract with this company for 5 years!.. Now for five whole years we will not be able to look through thousands of letters !! Ah … I'm in a panic … (punches himself in the face) Pull yourself together, rag! (Looks serious). Okay, okay. I will send notifications to all countries. That we now accept letters in the old fashioned way … This, of course, will help, but what to do with those letters that have arrived by express mail? According to my information, there are several of them …

Santa Claus: So … Yesterday two new programmers were hired. Their names are Nightman and Hori. We checked them for a year. The security service confirmed the non-security. I will talk to them, and we can read these letters. Go, Saiman. Thank you.

Elf: Yes, DJ-Frost! Oh.. Santa Claus.

Picks up the phone.

Elf: Callie! Urgently connect me to the service center! (Speaks as he leaves).

Santa Claus smiles after him.

Third action.

The light is dim. Music "Pink Panther" dance of two hacker-agents dressed in all black.

Telephone call.

Nightwomen (whispering): Ser, Haruki?.. everything is clear. Santa Claus just gave me a task to unlock the express mail system with all his might and print messages to him. (laughs ominously). What a fool! And how did they first hire me ?! (At the top of his voice) I'm collaborating with Japanese anti-New Year hackers !!

Ser Haruki (on the other end of the line): Shut up, dumbass! how many times to repeat ?! (in a whisper) this is secret information…. (yells) You fool !!!

Nightvuman: sorry sir.

Ser Haruki: Report everything in order.

Hori: Ser Haruki, Santa Claus instructed us to unblock the site attacked by our anti-Christmas hackers. We gave him false information. We printed letters to him invented by us.

Nightman: in the first, a little girl from Australia asks for a doll, then a boy from Australia as a constructor, twins Sali and Ali plasticine. Here …

Hori: All these stupid requests were made up by Nightvuman. It costs nothing for Santa Claus to send plasticine and dolls to non-existent children.

Nightvuman: And Santa Claus will never read real letters !!! Ha ha ha … (laughs ominously). There will be one more unfortunate child in the world! Enough for fairy tales to rule the world! Enough! Already tired of these cartoons! Although … um rapunzel I liked … oh! what am I talking about?.. Ha ha ha (laughs ominously).

Hori: Quest completed ser.

Ser Haruki: Well done! The plan for the destruction of all light and good is being carried out! Ha ha ha (laughs ominously).

Fourth act.

Nightvuman and Hori talk to each other. Music "Pink Panther".

Hori: Nightwoman, we seem to be in trouble. If Ser Haruki finds out that we have failed, then we are lost! We'll be fired! And I so wanted a new fur coat….

Nightma: How can you think of a new fur coat ?! He will bury us if we really fail …

Hori: Okay. We'll keep thinking. Basically, Santa Claus and Saiman know nothing. That's just this ugly little elf Teddy !! How tired of it she is! Here she, I think, will give us away if we do not become more careful! She is always somewhere nearby! As if watching us, suspects …

Nightwoman: How many times have we already had to get out when we talked about our evil deed, and she was there ?! Oh, how ugly …

Hori: We have been successfully hiding our antics from Santa Claus for a year now. The most important letters do not reach him! And because of some elf Teddy, we can get caught.

Nightvuman: Hori, I feel the war is coming … And we must prepare properly!

Hori: Yes. We will send an email to all of our notification. Let them prepare …

All this time, the elf Teddy was standing next to the tree and was recording all this on a dictaphone.

Fifth action.

Elf Teddy runs into Santa Claus's office.

Teddy: Santa Claus, Santa Claus! I saw through them! I figured it out! (victoriously).

Santa Claus: Who? Whom did you see through ?!

Teddy: Nightvumana and Hori! Our programmers!

Santa Claus: Oh, Ted … You've told me this for the hundredth time.

Ted: Yeah … And you never believed me!

Santa Claus: Because you had no proof.

Ted: Now there is!

Santa Claus: Wow … Well, come on, show it.

Ted turns on the tape recorder for Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: So I didn't expect at all … (upset) I trusted them so much! Thought they were the best programmers … Wait! Yes, I trusted them all the letters of express mail! Means … Means so many requests of children I could not fulfill ?! I still wonder why the children stopped believing in miracles …

Ted: That's right. Now we have to do something! Maybe we'll still read all those messages from the kids!

Santa Claus: Ted, we have to act! War is so war! We need to collect all ours! Let them prepare …

Ted: I feel it will be hot …

Santa Claus: And call me, please, Simon. I will ask him to send out e-mail notifications to everyone.

Ted: Yes, sir!

Sixth act.

Plays hard rock.

SMS call on the phone.

Baba Yaga: Oh, priests! We remembered the old hag! It's been a long time since I received SeMeS-ok! Tax… let's see… “The battle of good and evil. December 29th. Nightclub Wolverine. Tell everyone you can"

Fathers! Here we will shake the old days, so shake! Echo! Oh, the girls need to call!

Takes a cell phone.

Baba Yaga: Hello! Oh, Artimonivna, is that you ?! Darling, I’ll tell those right now!

Music plays for a few seconds. Baba Yaga walks briskly around the room and gestures.

Baba Yaga: Howl! Will you come?.. I'm still waiting.

He dials the number again.

Baba Yaga: Alyoyo, at Tarantula ?! Oh, dear … I'll tell those right now!

Music plays for a few seconds. Baba Yaga walks briskly around the room and gestures.

Baba Yaga: Whoa! Will you come?.. I'm waiting for you and your girls.

He picks up the phone again. Dials the number. Music plays for a few seconds. Baba Yaga walks briskly around the room and gestures.

Baba Yaga: Phew … I think she called everyone. Here we will shake the old days … Oh !!

Plays hard rock. They walk in with a confident step: two witches, two devil, koschey.

Baba Yaga: Oh-oo-hoh! Finally, this world smells delicious! (sniffs air) With an evil force!

Koschey: Yaga, you have become younger …

Baba Yaga (in a whisper): Yes.. Botex did it!

Koschey (in a whisper): Give me a number!

Baba Yaga nods.

Baba Yaga: Koschey, even if you have lost weight! (laughs) The wife does not feed at all!

Koschey: Yes, it feeds, it feeds … But I'm not getting fat at all. I have it! The constitution is like that! Slimness!

Witch 1: Oh, I would be so … I still can't lose weight. The poor thing has completely exhausted herself! Fitness, diets.. (takes out a bun and chews)

Witch 2: Well, well …!

Witch 1: what are you "well nuking" ?! (Chews a bun). You might think I'm lying!

Witch 2: You're lying! You go to the gym, and then you chew the rolls!

Witch 1: What ?! I?!

Witch 2: Yes! You!

They start to fight. Baba Yaga rushes to separate them.

Baba Yaga: Hey you dumb ones! This is not why we are here !!

Witches 1 and 2: Why ?!

Witch 3: In order to prepare for war!

Witch 4: It is necessary to prove once and for all with this cute (gentle voice) fakes, princesses and Santa Clauses who rule this world!

Koschey: Um … (hesitantly) well, actually, while they rule the world …

Witch 3: And we need to fix it!

Witch 4: Yes! Enough of already happy happy ends and fairy tales!

Koschey: Well, I see, everyone is already in the mood for battle. It seems it's time to call Seru Haruka!..

Baba Yaga: Seru Harkuri?.. Call me! (upset). And here I thought that it was I who would lead the army.

Koschey (on the phone): Ser Haruki? We are ready…

Baba Yaga sings a song. After the song, the light goes out. On the screen appears the inscription "And at this time."

(minus The Pussycat Dolls - Sway)

Baby, baby, baby, I thought you would become like you:

Sweet, kind, gentle and dear, all good like that.

But you don't know me at all. I will stay forever

Evil prickly vile and bad

Baba yaga.

How I love to do this evil!

It was born right with me!

I have not a heart of a soul!

Yes, I am so bad!

Baby, baby, baby you found out

Everything I did

All the sins of my soul now

You know and believe!




Wants, To

It was

There is a lot of evil on earth!

The seventh act.

An excerpt from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" is on the screen.

SMS call on the phone.

Masha: Oh! Telephone! So, so, so … (Reads in syllables) “The battle of good and evil. December 29th. Nightclub Wolverine. Tell all of us. " Miiiiiishkaaaaa! Oh, Miishka! Get ready! We're going to a nightclub! (Dancing in place) Tuna-tuna-ttsntz, baby!

Bear runs in.

Masha: What a nightclub ?! You're not eighteen yet!

Masha: Oh, bear … Why are you also talking !?

Misha: Well, actually no! I said, don't eat all the mushrooms!

Masha (laughs): Oh! Exactly … But I like you the speaker better! And then you grumble, grumble … Nothing is clear!

Misha: Okay, Masha … Be patient. The hallucinations will soon be gone! Tell me what they wrote to you there?

Masha (takes out her phone and reads syllables): “The battle of good and evil. December 29th. Wolverine night club. Tell all of us."

Misha: Of course! New Year is coming soon! So they started again … They always argue about who rules on earth, good or evil! Fools, by God! Of course, good! So, Masha … You need to eat before the fight!

Masha: Now they will feed me, now I will eat! Porridge, porridge, porridge! Her, Misha! Let's call all of ours first! Dialing the number … Dialing the number … Dialing the number …

Misha: Mash … you are … press the green button!

Masha: I know myself! Dialing the number … got through!

Music sounds, to which Masha energetically walks around the room and gestures.

Masha: Uuuf … I think she told everyone. Even Shrek with Puss in Boots will come … Well, you know, Shrek has children, work, wife. Have to take a vacation!

Misha: Yes, I know, I know … Got it! But he was once a real huge!

Puss in boots walks in.

Masha (Goes to Puss in Boots): What a cute kitten! Meow meow…

Puss in Boots: Baby, be careful when cornering! I'm not cute!

Misha: Mash, don't pay attention to him! He fills himself with a price …

Puss in Boots (shows his claws): I'm not cute! I am an invincible cat! But … (purrs) sometimes I will not refuse a massage! (Makes a cute expression).

Misha: So guys! Let's get down to business!

Masha: Her! Let's wait for everyone!

Enter the room: Little Red Riding Hood with a Wolf, Two heroes - Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich.

Puss in Boots: Forgot to say! Shrek will not come … His youngest son caught a sore throat …

Oh guys! (approaches the heroes!) Why are there only two of you?.. There were three of you …

Alyosha Popovich: Yes, our friend - comrade has retired … Radiculitis is already tortured!

Dobrynya Nikitich: Well, nothing! Alyosha and I also have sciatica! But he does not interfere with our heroic strength! (Raises the sword sharply to the top. Then bends his back). Oh, back!

Red Hat: Fastum - Gel can help you! Fastum, fastum!

Puss in Boots: Hat, what are you doing, now you're filming an advertisement ?!

Little Red Riding Hood: Yes … You have to make money somehow!

Masha: Well done, little sister!

Puss in Boots: Friends, so what about the meeting ?!

Masha (takes out her phone and reads syllables): “The battle of good and evil. December 29th. Wolverine night club. Tell all of us."

Alyosha Popovich: Well, wow! Again, these anti-New Years …

Dobrynya Nikitich: Again, these cursed anti-New Years are damaging our great land with their ignoble deeds!

Alyosha Popovich: How long can an enemy-enemy walk on our land ?!

Dobrynya Nikitich: How much bitter grief can you inflict on good people ?!

Masha: How long can you talk ?!

Puss in Boots: What did they fix !? Business must be done, not nonsense!

Red Hat: Agree!

Masha: Okay, okay! I'm calling Santa Claus! Hello! Santa Claus?.. We are ready …

The heroes are singing a song. After the light goes out.

(minus Sergey Lazarev Electric Touch)

We are here now and we must always only win.

Good should triumph in this world.

We know there are miracles on the planet

Just believe and imagine them you!

It turned out to be not so bad.

Fairies and princesses know for sure

How to color the world

and fill with light.

you know!

We will help you with this!

Everything, everything will come to life!

All the heroes of fairy tales together will say:

Hey, you believe in goodness!

Then the world will become brighter, brighter!

Eighth act.

Club music sounds. Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Simon and Ted are dancing.

Snegurochka: Santa Claus, it seems to me that we came early … No one is visible at all.

Santa Claus: No granddaughter, we came on time. These evil forces are always late.

Saiman: The evil ones are late … And where are ours ?! Didn't Masha warn anyone ?!

Snegurochka: Well, don't you know Little Red Hat? Until he puts on makeup, he will not go anywhere.

Santa Claus: We know, we know …

Ted: OO! I think I can see them!

Little Red Riding Hood with a wolf, two heroes - Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich, Masha and Misha, Puss in Boots. Everyone hugs happily!

Snow Maiden: Oh! I can't even believe that we are all together again!

Puss in Boots: Yes! After all, we are gathered here for an important cause!

Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich (together): Destroy the ugly enemy from our glorious land with a heroic strength!

Little Red Hat: Boys, we’re working on it again! Easier to say, can't you ?!

Masha: Well people, let's have some fun ?! Tuna tuna tuna, baby.

Santa Claus: Yes, guys … Let's have some fun! We need to defeat these nasty anti-New Years once and for all! You need to get the real password from the express mail server out of them and see what kind of children actually sent letters!

Snegurochka: I'm sure there were very important among them …

Music changes to hard rock. Come in: Baba Yaga, two witches, two devils, koschey.

Witch 1: Oh, priests, what people!

Witch 2: Ugh, how it stinks!

Witch 3: With good power carries for a kilometer!

Witch 4: I'll give you cologne for the new year!

Baba Yaga: And I didn’t even understand that it’s you Wolf on the side of good power doing ?!

Witch 1: Aren't you with us? Aren't you for the anti-New Years ?!

Wolf: No! I'm a vegetarian now! I rethought the philosophy of my life, I understood a lot. I am now engaged in cleansing the aura and …

Koschey: Yes, really ?!

Witch 2: Well, okay! We will win without you!

Baba Yaga: All brothers! Enough of this empty chatter! For our evil cause! Enough!

Witch 3: Enough for good fairy tales to triumph!

Witch 4: Enough for people to believe in miracles!

Witch 1: Stop making people's dreams come true!

Witch 2: Enough!

Snow Maiden: Stop littering people's minds with evil thoughts!

Little Red Riding Hood: Stop burying people's faith in miracles!

Puss in Boots: Enough! Um … What am I talking about?..

Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich: Let us praise, brothers, our strength, good strength, heroic strength!

Music starts playing. Evil and good forces alternately compete on the dance floor. Music is constantly changing. As a result, evil forces fall and surrender. The good rejoice.

Come in Ser Haruki with Nightman and Hori. To the music "Pink Panther".

Ser Haruki: What the hell is going on here ?! Hori !! You told me everything was under control!

Hori: Well yeah … I thought ours would win!

Nightman: We thought … that … we would win … and then …

Ser Haruki: Shut up, you fools! Hey you great anti-New Years! Great evil forces! Why are they lying like hams in a frying pan ?!

Santa Claus: No, Ser Haruki! This time, you and your hackers have lost the battle! We have defeated your accomplices! Victory is ours!

Snegurochka: Well, tell me the password from the system!

Naithnam, Hori, Ser Haruki (together): What else ?!

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are advancing.

Ser Harkey: Come on! God forbid you remember the suit! Prado by the way!

Snegurochka: Don't talk, but tell the password!

They begin to step on each other and push. At this time, a picture in the form of a skull appears on the screen and a siren sounds. The voice announces:

"Attention! Attention! Attention! A dangerous virus has taken over all operating systems in the world! Computers are attacked by 777 virus! The virus destroys all the electronics in the world! It has been spreading at a speed of 200 computers per hour for two days already! Neutralization is impossible! Result: All electronic equipment works in reverse order! All clocks in the world start counting down! Get ready for the end of the world!"

(All the heroes talk in horror)

Ser Haruki: Oh my God! What have we done! (to hackers) I told you, be careful with viruses! (shouts) what should we do now !? Meet the end of the world ?!

Little Red Riding Hood: Thank you, we won't tell you for sure! AND…

The light starts flashing. Everyone looks around in surprise. All of a sudden, a wizard appears. Everyone freezes like statues and doesn't move.

Wizard: Oh, what a shame on my gray head! How many centuries have you been competing with each other ?! These dastardly anti-New Years again managed to come up with something! They cracked the password! As hacked, so tell me! How many times to say that I am in charge here! Eh, darlings, I have to punish you … How did you manage to launch such a virus ?! He can destroy all of humanity!

The lights go out completely. A video appears on the screen showing the future from the virus.

(Stills from the movie "I Am Legend")

Sorcerer: Well, look at the future, which will be due to the virus ?!

Baba Yaga: What a nightmare…. Oh my God….

Witch 1: What a horror we've done!

Witch 2: What will become of the world now?..

Hori: Will everyone die out? With whom will we compete?

Wizard: I will compete for you !! (shows fist)

Ser Haruki: Yes, Wolf, you're right to go over to the side of good forces … that's it! I also undertake to cleanse the aura.

Baba Yaga: Forgive us for our meanness …

Ser Haruki: How wrong we were. We regret …

Witches: Yes!

Nightman: We'll tell you the password …

Ser Haruki: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Santa Claus: And this is your password ?! (Laughs)

Snegurochka: Couldn't you think of anything more original?

The Snow Maiden takes a laptop, enters the password. The voiced letters of children appear on the screen.

1 “Dear Santa Claus, I want to tell you that I love you very much … I don’t need anything from you. I don't want any gifts. I don't need bicycles, dolls, or markers. I just want to ask you about one thing … Let my mom and dad believe in miracles!"

Alice. 6 years. Moscow.

2 “Santa Claus, you are my last hope. For ten years now I have been living in an orphanage. Help me find my parents. I dream about them so much …"

Arnold. 10 years. Berlin.

3 “My dear and beloved Santa Claus, you and my mother, the most precious thing I have. But she is ill … She has been in bed for a month now. He smiles and says that he loves me, says that everything is fine. But I know that she is sick … Santa Claus, please help her! Yes, strength to recover!"

Mary. 7 years. New York.

All the heroes are crying.

Snow Maiden (in a touching voice): I have read only the smallest part of the real letters … But there is so much hope and faith in them!

Santa Claus: Oh, you anti-New Years! Well, what have you achieved ?! Is this what you wanted? Not only did we not read the children's letters in time, now we will not be able to fix anything, because because of your virus we will all die!

Puss in Boots: Now thousands of children from all over the world have lost faith in miracles! Now they won't believe in fairy tales!

Baba Yaga: You know, when I was just a girl, I saw my parents read my magic message to Santa Claus. I was very bitter that day. I cried. And since then I have decided that there is no Santa Claus, there are no miracles! And I decided to prove it to the whole world!

Koschey: It was the same with me … And no one really tried to prove to me the opposite, as if the fairy tale was actually real.

Witches: And this happened to us …

Santa Claus: How sad it is! And this is my fault … It is my fault that I could not fix it all in time …

Snow Maiden: No, grandpa! It is not your fault! If the virus hadn't started, we could have fixed everything …

Wizard: Eh, you! Say thank you for me!

Snow Maiden: Oh, magician, help us, please, instill faith in miracles in all the children of the world! Help to fulfill those desires of children that we could not read on time!

Wizard: Well, there is only one way out! return time back … I will send you to the past, where this virus will not be. Are you ready for such a decisive step?

Santa Claus: Ready …

The light goes out. Mysterious music. Everyone leaves.

Act Nine.

Santa Claus: well, Saiman, which letter is next in line?

Saiman: “Dear Santa Claus, I want to tell you that I love you very much … I don’t need anything from you. I don't want any gifts. I don't need bicycles, cars, or markers. I just want to ask you about one thing … Let my mom and dad believe in miracles!"

Alice. 6 years. Moscow

The light goes out.

Tenth act.

Alice: Mommy, I put my letter to Santa Claus. It's under the tree … Do you think he takes it for, right?..

Mom: Of course, Alice. Of course it will! You've been such a good kid all year …

Alice: I love you, mom …

Mom: I love you too, dear … And now it's time to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

Mitya: And you, mommy.

Alice goes to bed. Dad enters the room.

Dad: Well dear, did Alice put her message on the tree?

Mom: yes … How great it is to celebrate the New Year! So much magic happens! So many miracles! Honey, but I also put a message to Santa Claus!

Dad: I'm cute too! Let's go to bed so that Santa Claus can come and take our letters …

The light goes out. All the heroes go on stage and perform the final song.

Wizard: Believe in miracles and they will definitely come true!

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