How To Congratulate Colleagues On March 8

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How To Congratulate Colleagues On March 8
How To Congratulate Colleagues On March 8

Video: How To Congratulate Colleagues On March 8

Video: How To Congratulate Colleagues On March 8
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It is better to prepare for any holiday in advance, at least a month before the event itself. Better yet, start preparing for the next International Women's Day, March 8 this year. In addition to preparing creative ideas, start a piggy bank for yourself, into which you will contribute at least ten rubles a day. On the eve of the holiday, the piggy bank will be a good help.

How to congratulate colleagues on March 8
How to congratulate colleagues on March 8

It is necessary

  • - flowers,
  • - postcards,
  • - original ideas,
  • - chocolate,
  • - Stuffed Toys,
  • - perfume,
  • - cosmetics.


Step 1

First: decide for yourself how many women in your team you will make happy with a gift on this day, and how much you are willing to spend on gifts. If in your team you treat everyone equally, then it will be logical if the cost of gifts will be approximately the same. Your immediate boss may receive a more valuable gift.

Step 2

On March 8, you can give flowers. When choosing them, give preference to traditional mimosa, modest tulips, delicate asters, or even indoor flowers in a pot. Avoid festive feces, passionate roses, and expensive orchids.

Step 3

You can give a soft toy with a small postcard. For example, if one of your employees is romantic in nature, then most likely she will like it if, when she comes to work in the morning, she finds a soft rabbit (maybe even a real one) and a greeting card with a touching original text, the main thing is not to subscribe, leave small hints and give her the opportunity to guess for herself who presented such a touching gift.

Step 4

Pragmatic women will most likely be pleased with good chocolate of a well-known brand, which you will personally hand into your hands, accompanying your gift with pleasant words.

Step 5

If there are women of the so-called Balzac age in your team, then, in addition to flowers, give something from cosmetics - mascara, lipstick, pencil, but for this you need to be observant in order to give exactly the tone of lipstick that the gifted will use.

Step 6

Perfume would be a good gift, but you should clearly know which scents the lady prefers.

Step 7

Present a postcard. Moreover, it can be both an independent gift and an attachment to the main one. It is better if the text of the congratulation is invented for each woman personally, mention her spiritual qualities, name or something inherent in the congratulated one, you can in verse. If you yourself are not strong in poetry, then order poetry from free authors on the Internet. The cost of such congratulations is not high.

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