How To Congratulate Colleagues On February 23

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How To Congratulate Colleagues On February 23
How To Congratulate Colleagues On February 23

Video: How To Congratulate Colleagues On February 23

Video: How To Congratulate Colleagues On February 23
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On the eve of February 23, every girl faces a problem not only how to congratulate her loved ones - husband, father, brothers, friends, but also how not to ignore her colleagues. After all, you need to come up with a congratulation that will not be too official, but not too familiar and will certainly delight everyone sitting in the office.

How to congratulate colleagues on February 23
How to congratulate colleagues on February 23

It is necessary

  • - festive screensaver for your computer;
  • - wall newspaper;
  • - meat pies, caviar, pancakes, vegetables;
  • - presents.


Step 1

The form of congratulation, of course, depends on your budget and the relationship between employees. You can come up with an interesting and memorable congratulation, even if you are the only woman in the team. On the eve of the holiday, linger in your office and when all your colleagues leave, put a festive screensaver on their desktops, trying not to knock down any settings in the computer and not delete the necessary files.

Step 2

Make a wall newspaper with photos of your male colleagues and holiday poems. If your company does not have the necessary equipment, photos printed on a printer can be pasted on an ordinary Whatman paper, and poems can be written by hand.

Step 3

One of the main events is a festive table. Leave the cakes for the eighth of March, let the men give them to you. For a strong half of humanity, it is better to cook pies with meat, buy a jar of caviar and bake pancakes, bring vegetable slices. If you are not sure whether to put alcohol on the table, it is better not to put it. In which case the men themselves will quickly determine which of them will run to the store.

Step 4

The most important component on February 23rd is gifts. If you don't know your colleagues well enough to choose an individual present for each, give something that will delight most men. These can be hats or towels with funny inscriptions. You can buy a bottle of alcohol for your colleagues and make your own label for it with a photo of the gifted person and a listing of his best qualities. If you are one of the few women in the men's team, you can limit yourself to postcards and a festive table - colleagues will understand and appreciate your efforts.

Step 5

If you have a free and informal relationship, arrange fun contests, sing a few songs with colleagues. You can negotiate with other employees and arrange a kind of parade, disguised as the entire women's team in an overcoat and vest. Men will appreciate and will certainly try to please you on March 8.

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