What To Cook At A Picnic

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What To Cook At A Picnic
What To Cook At A Picnic

Video: What To Cook At A Picnic

Video: What To Cook At A Picnic
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Do you like hiking? There is appetite in the forest and the mood to cook something. Usually baked potatoes, kebabs and fried bread are cooked over a fire. But it turns out that even a banana can be fried over a fire, not to mention healthy vegetables, fish and chicken. Invite your friends to a picnic and enjoy delicious meals together.

cooking at the stake
cooking at the stake

Apple duel

Wash the apple, then cut it in half, sprinkle it with cinnamon. Spread with honey, fold the halves. We string them on skewers or skewers and bake them over coals. It turns out delicious shaggy hedgehogs that can be salted and eaten whole, without fear of pricking.

Curd apple

We take out the core from the apple, put inside a mixture of cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla and lingonberries (or other berries) mixed with a raw egg. Then wrap the apple in foil and bake it over charcoal.


Cut a loaf of white bread into thick pieces, make a notch on one side. We put a circle of tomato, a piece of cheese in the recess, drive in a raw egg on top so as not to damage the yolk. Gently place braziers or crossed skewers on the tile and bake over the fire.

Fried vitamins

Zucchini (better zucchini) cut into rounds, cheese into cubes, tomato in thick circles. Salt the vegetables and string them on a skewer in the following sequence: zucchini, tomato, cheese, etc. We fry for a short time, until the cheese begins to thaw and drips onto the tomato and zucchini.

Fish snake

Cut raw fish fillets into narrow strips, salt, pepper, grease with mayonnaise. We string it in the form of a snake or a worm on a skewer (or skewer). We bake on a weak fire, turning slowly. We eat sprinkled with milk.

Glitter potatoes

Make a deep notch in a large potato tuber. Knead canned fish in oil with a fork, mix with grated cheese and herbs. Fill the potatoes, wrap them in foil and bake them over charcoal.

Bananas under a fur coat

Cut the peeled banana into four parts, intertwine with strips of bacon. We also wrap the prunes in bacon and string them on a skewer, alternating with a banana. We fry, turning quickly, and for a very short time. The taste is amazing.

Liver with pepper

Spread the pieces of liver with mayonnaise, sprinkle with pepper, string on a skewer, alternating with pieces of bacon and onion rings. We fry not very long so that the liver does not burn.

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