New Year 2017: How To Meet, What To Cook

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New Year 2017: How To Meet, What To Cook
New Year 2017: How To Meet, What To Cook

Video: New Year 2017: How To Meet, What To Cook

Video: New Year 2017: How To Meet, What To Cook
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2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. Everyone plans to spend it positively and cheerfully. How to competently approach the celebration in order to find prosperity and success, how to celebrate 2017 of the Rooster?

new year 2017
new year 2017

What to expect in 2017: horoscope

The Rooster will take over the reins on January 28, 2017 with the arrival of the new year in China. Astrologers believe that he personifies rebirth, novelty and mystery. For this reason, 2017 promises changes in the life of any person. And these changes will be global.

The New Year will bring happiness to ambitious and stubborn people, but in order to receive these benefits, you will need to prove yourself - the Rooster does not tolerate lazy people.

We can say with confidence that 2017 will be the starting year on the way from a period of decline to prosperity.

In the coming year, it is necessary to maintain perseverance and self-control, not to pay attention to provoking situations. The Year of the Red Rooster provides an opportunity to gain the ability to resolve any controversial issues through compromise.

How and where to celebrate the Year of the Red Rooster?

It is not recommended to go on a trip, it is advisable to postpone plans for a while. The fact is that the Rooster is a homebody and a connoisseur of family foundations. This circumstance will contribute to the achievement of harmony and unanimity in the family.

Celebrating the New Year outside the family circle can lead to quarrels between its members. All domestic troubles must be resolved before the chimes strike. In no case should you conflict during a festive feast - this may end in a loss of mutual understanding.

Clothes color for the new year 2017

An outfit on this day is better to choose red, scarlet or pink. Also, the shades of fire include yellow and orange. For those who do not like these colors, it is permissible to opt for shades of purple and blue, attracting the attention of the Rooster.

Outfit for the New Year 2017

Ladies for the celebration are advised to choose an elegant floor-length dress made of flowing natural fabric. If for some reason it is not possible to wear such a dress, the choice of an outfit with elements of asymmetry is allowed. Business style is also suitable, but it must be diluted with bright accessories. Women's outfit should emphasize lightness and sophistication. It is better to refuse a daring image, leaving it for other occasions.

Gentlemen should refrain from carelessness, preferring a strict and elegant style. Pay attention to suits or trousers with bright shirts. Three-piece suits made in rich colors are popular. You can put on a pullover over the shirt - this will warm you if the celebration is celebrated outside the city.

For children, it is better to choose a fancy dress. Girls will gladly show off in fairy or princess outfits. And the boys - in the costumes of knights or kings.

But often babies want to be like their parents. Do not deny them this. The child will be happy and contented.

Makeup, hairstyle and accessories

Any sophisticated toilet will look unfinished without styling and decorations. New Year 2017 is best celebrated under the aegis of authenticity and simplicity (this applies to both treats and outfits).

Moderation should be followed in accessories. They should complement the image, not overload it. It is better to give preference to minimalistic decorations.

How to treat guests on New Year's Eve

This year does not limit the hospitable housewives in any way. New Year's table 2017 should be varied, with meat, all kinds of salads, seafood. According to the advice of astrologers, seafood on the table should be adjacent to meat dishes, which will help to lure luck and attract financial wealth.

The owner of the coming year is a big sweet tooth. Therefore, desserts should be present on the festive table, and to attract finance to the house, it is necessary to put a dish with fruit on the table.

How should you decorate your festive table?

Like last year, candles are needed on the table due to the relevance of the fire theme. It is permissible to use last year's red jewelry. However, there is no need to abuse tinsel, it is only important to emphasize the atmosphere of celebration.

The delicate decoration of the dishes is also necessary to appease the Red Fire Rooster. Decor elements can be cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, red caviar.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017

The Christmas tree is not a simple attribute of the holiday. Over the years, it has become an integral part of the New Year's celebrations, but how to properly decorate it to please the Rooster?

On the festive tree, the symbol of the coming year must certainly be present. Toys should be chosen in fiery shades. Use tinsel in moderation, as the Rooster does not like glitter.

Christmas decorations for home 2017

Christmas wreaths, bright festive socks that can be hung on the walls will become a stylish attribute for decoration. Please note that they must be natural and self-made. Astrologers advise using ribbons in the decoration of the fabric that you like best. They can be diluted with any festive composition or fixed on chairs. This will attract the Rooster, and he will give success and prosperity. To attract finance, it is necessary to focus on the fruit decor: dishes and baskets with apples, pears and citrus fruits.

Gifts for the Year of the Red Rooster

The most pressing topic on the eve of the holiday is gifts. What to choose? Gifts should carry a reminder of the upcoming celebration. Preferably the presence of red and its shades. You can give souvenirs, toys, accessories. For family and loved ones, the best gift will be a modest piece of jewelry.

Merry celebration!


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