How To Quit Alcohol At A Party

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How To Quit Alcohol At A Party
How To Quit Alcohol At A Party

Video: How To Quit Alcohol At A Party

Video: How To Quit Alcohol At A Party
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Parties are often accompanied by active drinking. However, alcohol can be harmful to a person's health and behavior. If you want to stay sober, skip the suggested drink.

Method one: for health reasons

Avoiding alcohol due to poor health is a serious cause. For example, you might tell others that you are taking antibiotics or other medications. If you want to avoid unnecessary questions / sympathy, inform that you are preparing for a routine examination. For example, tomorrow you need to undergo ultrasound diagnostics or take tests.

Pregnancy is a serious reason to stop drinking. Moreover, it can be both real and fictional. If you are afraid of detailed questions, just pretend to be mysterious, put your hand to your stomach and say quietly: "I can't." Do not discuss the situation with anyone.

You can also report that you have a serious alcohol allergy. In this case, be sure to describe what happens immediately after its adoption. Please note: no one will take a rash and redness seriously. Laryngeal swelling or loss of consciousness is a good reason to refuse alcohol at a party.

Method two: disguise

If you don't want to explain anything to others, disguise yourself. Pour pomegranate / cherry juice into a glass instead of red wine. White / champagne is a great substitute for a soft drink made from white grapes. The cocktail option will also work: Sprite / Soda, Ice, Lime, and Mint Leaves.

Such disguise will allow you to avoid unnecessary questions and harmoniously blend into the environment. The main point: you will need to independently monitor the fullness of the glass. If anyone sees through the trick, explain that you just took time out and decided to have some juice.

Method three, fourth, fifth …

The third way to stop drinking alcohol at a party is to say that you are driving. The fines for drunk driving are very high today. And sometimes such an experiment can cost you and your loved ones life.

Diet can also serve as a reason to give up alcohol. Just let them know that you cannot afford to drink because of its high calorie content. The ongoing detox program can also serve as an argument. But be prepared for the girls around them to ask her to share.

The fifth way to stop drinking is to simply say a polite no. Answer all questions that you do not want, there is no desire, you decided not to drink anymore. Please note: the refusal should sound clearly and distinctly so that others do not rush to persuade you. And remember: the absence of alcohol in your glass is not a reason to be bored on the sidelines.

There are other reasons to give up alcohol. For example, a planned trip / walk with a child the next day, a difficult flight, unfinished work or a meeting with partners, etc. These events are a serious reason to stay sober. You will not be tormented by a hangover, you will be able to think clearly and be in a great mood.

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