How To Spend The New Year Together

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How To Spend The New Year Together
How To Spend The New Year Together

Video: How To Spend The New Year Together

Video: How To Spend The New Year Together
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New Year is traditionally a family holiday, gathering several generations of relatives at one table. However, you can celebrate this cheerful holiday not only with your family. New Year's Eve will be unforgettable even for two people, for example, lovers. Especially if you prepare well and think about the holiday scenario in advance.

How to spend the New Year together
How to spend the New Year together


Step 1

First, define the concept of the future evening: traditional, romantic, themed or extreme. For a romantic New Year's Eve, you can prepare a bath with rose petals or aromatic essential oils. Place a lot of small candles around the bath, prepare champagne and an ice bucket, a platter of fruits and sweets. Turn on your favorite music and immerse yourself in foamy water bliss.

Step 2

Alternatively, you can spend a romantic New Year in a cozy cafe by pre-ordering a table for two people. Raise glasses there to celebrate the New Year, and then, holding hands, walk home and continue the evening near the fireplace or in the bedroom. Prepare light snacks and drinks ahead of time so you don't get distracted by serving and slicing fruit. You can also furnish the room with scented candles, such as lemon-scented candles.

Step 3

Don't try to cook too much food for the New Year's table. A couple of dishes are enough for two, which can be ordered at the nearest restaurant, so as not to stand in the kitchen until midnight.

Step 4

If you are not particularly interested in celebrating a holiday within your own walls, arrange a picnic in nature, outside the city, near the sea or a river. You need to prepare for such a celebration in a few days: discuss the place, stock up on warm clothes, a tent, folding chairs and a table, and comfortable dishes. Bring garlands, balls and toys with you to decorate the resting place. It will be good if you find a cozy hotel or hotel nearby and rent a room after having fun in nature.

Step 5

If you nevertheless decide to celebrate the holiday at home, then after midnight take champagne with you, go out into the courtyard and set off fireworks. Drink champagne in turns straight from the bottle, have fun, play snowballs.

Step 6

Present a gift to your partner in an original way, asking him to follow the pre-marked arrows, collecting forfeits and completing tasks. Please note that the gift should be such that after all the trials it becomes a pleasant surprise for a loved one. Even before the holiday, unobtrusively find out what exactly he would like to receive in the New Year.

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