Wedding Trends 2020

Wedding Trends 2020
Wedding Trends 2020

Video: Wedding Trends 2020

Video: Wedding Trends 2020
Video: Wedding Trends 2020 2023, December

The days when you had to do a traditional wedding the way your relatives want are long gone. For several years now, the emphasis has been on the fact that a wedding is primarily a holiday for newlyweds, and they themselves choose what they like: from the wedding dress and decoration to the format of the holiday.

Wedding trends 2020
Wedding trends 2020

Decoration with greenery instead of flowers

Lush floral decor is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Now it is fashionable to decorate both the hall itself and the tables with elements of greenery. There can be a lot of options: large flowers in pots, artificial green walls that can be rented, sprigs of greenery for table decor. Even the bridal bouquet may not contain flowers, and be composed of greenery, succulents or dried flowers.

You can also bring succulents or other potted plants as gifts to guests.

A modest dinner instead of a lavish banquet

This trend has been holding for more than a year, but it does not lose its popularity, but is gaining momentum. More and more couples choose a quiet family dinner without toastmaster and musicians, instead of a noisy banquet for a hundred people. Or you can make a wedding buffet in the afternoon, and then fly away on a trip.

Bridesmaids in pantsuits

One of the American sites identified this as one of the top trends. Russia is more conservative in this regard, but perhaps someone will find this idea interesting. The girlfriends in the same pantsuits look very stylish in the photo.

Caring for nature

A very useful trend aimed at nature conservation. Many have long given up decorating with balloons and releasing lanterns into the sky. From the torment of pigeons and other animals. Also, a table that is bursting with dishes is no longer a sign of generosity and hospitality, because most of this food is thrown away.

Emphasis on color

Blue is recognized as the color of 2020. But, if you do not like this color, then you can make the wedding in your favorite color, which can be reflected in the decor, accessories and even on the wedding cake.

Natural beauty

Weddings and off-site registrations, where the main decoration of the celebration is nature. Previously, such weddings were aimed at near water bodies, now mountain landscapes are also in trend. And if the groom, the bride and all those around them are fans of extreme sports, then it is possible to organize a ski wedding.

Minimalistic arches for exit check-in

Minimalism does not give up its positions, and this year it is also reflected in the arches. On foreign sites, you can often find arches not only without floral decoration, but also without any decoration at all. Just a metal or wooden frame of a strict geometric shape.

Wedding Dress

Wedding fashion trends are usually set in New York and Milan. 2020 is very rich in trends, and offers brides all variety, from tenderness and classics to extravagance.

Of the interesting trends, a wedding blazer can be noted, which can be either part of a trouser suit or worn over a dress. As well as asymmetrical dresses, feathers, puffy sleeves, high slits. And the most unusual and daring trend is wedding shorts.

From class: lace, shine, translucency, layering, delicate powdery colors, lace.