How To Decorate A Room In The New Year

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How To Decorate A Room In The New Year
How To Decorate A Room In The New Year

Video: How To Decorate A Room In The New Year

Video: How To Decorate A Room In The New Year
Video: DIY New Year Room Decor | Комната на Новый Год! | DA 2023, December

Preparations for celebrating the New Year begins early. If the family has children, then the process of decorating the room will turn into an exciting joint pastime. Coming up with the decoration of the room and the outfit for the Christmas tree, New Year's crafts, hanging garlands around the room will take several days, turning them into a solid holiday and giving a bunch of pleasant memories.

How to decorate a room in the new year
How to decorate a room in the new year

It is necessary

Christmas tree, spruce branches, salt, Christmas tree decorations, electric garlands, rain, wire, tinsel, wide ribbon, vases, tureen, purchased cans with snow and frost, broken toys, cardboard, scissors, wire, PVA glue, brush


Step 1

Install a live tree. Cut off the lower branches from her, they will still be needed. Decorate the Christmas tree first with large toys, and then with small ones. From a wide colored ribbon, tie a few bows right on the branches. Wrap the tree in a colored electric garland and cover with rain.

Place a toy Santa Claus under the tree. Wrap all gifts with beautiful wrapping paper and tie them with ribbons. Place the presents next to Santa Claus.

Step 2

Spruce branches in "hoarfrost"

Prepare a strong saline solution in a ratio of 2 kg of salt to 3 liters of water. Boil it until the salt is completely dissolved. Dip the branches into it for several hours, then carefully remove and dry. Spruce branches will be covered with crystals of salty "snow".

Place the frosty branches in vases and arrange them around the room.

Step 3

Twist a bell silhouette or just any intricate shape out of wire. Wrap in glitter tinsel. Attach some Christmas tree decorations. Spray the craft with a can of snow. Hang the decoration on a wall or window.

Fasten a few spruce branches with a wire, hang Christmas balls on the branches, decorate with rain and artificial snow from a spray can. Place the Christmas tree bouquet in a vase or hang it on the wall.

Step 4

Cut stars of different sizes from thick cardboard. Apply a generous amount of glue to the surface of the star. Grind a thin glass toy with a pestle. Sprinkle glass chips over the adhesive surface. Let dry. Shake gently. Glue the second surface of the cardboard stars with glue, also sprinkle with crushed glass.

Attach the stars to long wires and hang them over the window.

Step 5

Hang colorful garlands all over the room. The flashing light creates a festive mood. Attach the garlands to the cornice or hang on the wall. They can also decorate a chandelier or twine around a floor lamp.

Step 6

Arrange beautiful Christmas tree decorations in large containers. These can be salad bowls, vases, tureens.

Add to the same containers each orange, which is covered with cloves. An indescribable aroma will spread throughout the room.