How To Decorate A Room With Tinsel

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How To Decorate A Room With Tinsel
How To Decorate A Room With Tinsel

Video: How To Decorate A Room With Tinsel

Video: How To Decorate A Room With Tinsel
Video: How To Paint With Tinsel On Rooms Wall 2023, December

Every New Year is the same thing - a Christmas tree with toys in the rain and tinsel. Tired of it? Connect your imagination and decorate the room in a truly new way! Take the tinsel off the tree and start decorating!

How to decorate a room with tinsel
How to decorate a room with tinsel

It is necessary

  • 1. Tinsel;
  • 2. Rain;
  • 3. Serpentine;
  • 4. Electric garland;
  • 5. Thin wire;
  • 6. Whatman paper;
  • 7. Stapler;
  • 8. Scotch tape;
  • 9. PVA glue;
  • 10. Sewing pins.


Step 1

We decorate the windows. Attach tinsel around the perimeter of the window opening or make a mesh that covers all the glass. It remains to illuminate all this splendor with a multi-colored garland (LED is safer), and you are guaranteed a festive mood.

Step 2

We decorate the curtains. Insert a thin wire into the tinsel and form various shapes - snowflakes, stars, bows, numbers for the coming year. Use sewing pins to pin the jewelry to the curtains. If there is a small child in the house, attach the tinsel higher.

Step 3

We decorate doorways. Stretch the tinsel in the doorway (if it is not strong enough, first connect the tinsel with the thread, twisting them together). Use duct tape to attach several tinsel ribbons vertically to create a fluffy curtain. Tinsel can be alternated with rain and serpentine.

Step 4

We decorate the chandelier. Attach 3 tinsel to the chandelier, at the ends of which hang Christmas balls or other toys (for example, snowflakes). You can do this - connect three tinsel with the lower ends and hang one large ball.

Step 5

We decorate the walls. You can make a beautiful garland out of tinsel. Option 1 - twist two tinsel of different color (it is better to choose lush ones), wave-like attach the resulting garland to the wallpaper under the ceiling using pins. Option 2 - attach one tinsel in waves to the ceiling, hang a small ball or toy at the bottom of each wave.

Step 6

We decorate the table. Take a drawing paper and roll it into a cone (it can be wide and low or narrow and high). Secure the paper with a stapler. Next, attach tinsel to the bottom edge. Roll the tinsel up to the top of the cone to create a herringbone. To make the tinsel hold better, first spread the paper with PVA glue.

Step 7

We decorate ourselves. Use a fluffy tinsel (twist two and secure if necessary) that matches your outfit in color. A wonderful boa cape will come out. Happy New Year!