90s Party: What To Wear

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90s Party: What To Wear
90s Party: What To Wear

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Video: 90s Party: What To Wear
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A theme party can be a memorable and memorable event. It is based on an idea, to which contests, menus, holiday decorations and, of course, guests' outfits are adjusted. 90s-style parties are very common in nightclubs and corporate parties.

90s party: what to wear
90s party: what to wear

Party in the style of the 90s gives a chance to return to the time of youth, plunge into memories, feel young and carefree. In order for the effect to be brighter, it is necessary to think over the external image down to the smallest detail.

You can sort things out at the dacha, for sure something from that time was lying there; ask around from parents or acquaintances who are fond of vintage things; visit second-hand or look for suitable items among the assortment of modern stores.

Clothing in the style of the 90s

For the 90s, several styles are characteristic at once: grunge, military, hippie, minimalism and sports. First, decide which direction you are more attracted to.

Minimalism is simplicity and the absence of unnecessary details, decorations, decor. Choose formal blazers with large shoulders, simple straight cut dresses. Mini skirts and very short dresses with an open back were characteristic of this style in the late 90s, when minimalism began to be perceived in the literal sense of the word.

Grunge is the style of youth protesting against pathos. If you are a rebel at heart, wear ripped and frayed jeans, leggings with holes, stretched T-shirts and T-shirts with slogans, leather jackets. For shoes, choose sneakers or rough boots.

Hippies are "flower children" who promote love and peace throughout the world. Flared jeans, long sundresses, brightly colored T-shirts, leggings and bracelets distinguish this style. The more colors in the image, the better.

The military style appeared after a protest against cruelty and war. It is characterized by jackets resembling an overcoat, camouflage and rough fabrics.

The sports style won the love of people after the fashion for a slim fit body and fitness classes. If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle, wear skinny jeans or leggings, crop tops, loose one-shoulder tees, leggings and sneakers. Hoodies and bomber jackets are suitable as outerwear.

How to complement the image

Of the accessories in the 90s, jewelry with sequins and sparkles was in demand. Bright plastic bracelets and rings, homemade baubles and long pendants made of metal and wood were in vogue.

Makeup should be matched to the chosen style of clothing. For minimalism and hippies, you can afford no makeup or natural nude. For grunge, choose dark eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and bright lipstick.

Hairstyles also provide freedom of expression: loose hair, a puffy head, or a torn punk hairstyle. Hair, like makeup, should reflect the inner state of a person.

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