How To Spend The New Year In The Classroom

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How To Spend The New Year In The Classroom
How To Spend The New Year In The Classroom

Video: How To Spend The New Year In The Classroom

Video: How To Spend The New Year In The Classroom
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School life is not only lessons or participation in subject Olympiads, competitions, scientific and practical conferences and competitions. These are also evenings and holidays spent with the cool team. A memorable holiday together with classmates can be the New Year.

How to spend the New Year in the classroom
How to spend the New Year in the classroom


Step 1

Discuss which space for New Years celebration with your classmates is best for you. If you would like to have an evening of reminiscence or debriefing with only the students in your class, schedule the event in your office. If you like crowded and noisy parties, then you should invite the guys from the parallel class and organize a disco or a competitive competition program for children from two or three classes.

Step 2

Decorate the room to create a festive atmosphere. Be sure to put a Christmas tree in the center, hang as many balloons and garlands as possible. Don't forget to consider lighting as well. It should change throughout the evening. During competitions and performances, bright lighting is needed, and during a dance program, dim light or color music is better suited.

Step 3

Prepare your own Christmas tree decorations in advance. However, don't forget about fire safety. Instead of toys made of paper or cotton wool, it is better to hang fruits or sweets on the Christmas tree, beautifully tying them on multi-colored shiny threads. Also write original greetings on self-made postcards. These can be wishes in a poetic or comic form for classmates and the class teacher.

Step 4

Think over the scenario of the holiday in advance. Distribute roles among your comrades. You need to choose the leaders of the celebration (preferably a girl and a boy), as well as children who will take part in the theatrical performance.

Step 5

Find out what the coming New Year will be like according to the Eastern calendar and try to reflect in the script what the coming year is preparing for all representatives of the zodiac signs. You can play, for example, a game like this. Ask the children to form groups according to their belonging to this or that sign of the zodiac. Further, one of the leaders in a tiger costume (if the coming year of the Tiger) or some other representative of the zodiacal sign (dog, bull, etc.) can, turning to the children in turn, inform them about the future. In addition, he can present them with pre-prepared souvenirs: horoscopes with wishes or amulet stones for each representative of the zodiac sign.

Step 6

Run a variety of contests that will not only be entertaining, but will also help to unite your team. Guys can independently, based on personal sympathies, unite in groups to participate in competitions or, as they have already divided, according to the sign of the Zodiac.

Ask the team representatives to depict something without words, using gestures, and their teams must guess the subject of the picture.

Invite the children to paint a picture of a winter sport. Moreover, the participants must consistently draw only one detail with their eyes closed, and their comrades must continue to depict their plans.

These competition tasks will cheer up your friends and help create a kind and relaxed atmosphere during the New Year's celebration.

Step 7

Prepare New Year posters in advance. This must be done in advance by announcing the competition for the best poster. During the holiday, ask the children to evaluate the creativity of their classmates and put the token in the previously prepared pocket. Announce the winner and present him with the sweet prize.

Step 8

Also hang a blank Whatman paper on the wall and invite the children to write wishes for their friends on it.

Step 9

Also run a contest for the best fancy dress or choose the Queen and King of New Year's Eve.

Step 10

Don't cook a lot of treats this evening. It will be enough to prepare drinks (mineral water or juices), fruits and put them on the tables.

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