How To Have A Fun Housewarming

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How To Have A Fun Housewarming
How To Have A Fun Housewarming

Video: How To Have A Fun Housewarming

Video: How To Have A Fun Housewarming

Moving to a new house or apartment is an event that can be equated in importance with a wedding, the birth of a child, or other important events in the life of a family. Celebrating housewarming is a good time to invite family, old friends and new neighbors to your house. Here you cannot do without giving gifts, as well as observing some traditions. Housewarming is a holiday that falls to the lot of most people not so often, only once or twice in a lifetime. Therefore, you need to celebrate it cheerfully in order to remember an amazing feeling for a lifetime, which is somewhat akin to the beginning of a new life.

How to have a fun housewarming
How to have a fun housewarming


Step 1

Prepare and send invitations to all guests in advance. They should contain the exact address of your new home, then it will be easier for the invitees to find you, and you will not have to explain the route for a long time by phone.

Step 2

If you want to host your own party, you don't have to wait for the house to get its perfect look. Moving into an unrepaired new apartment is not a reason to postpone the new home. Lack of comfort and coziness can be compensated for by a skillfully created cheerful atmosphere.

Step 3

A good housewarming table is the first step to living happily ever after in your new home. You can do without white tablecloths, crystal, porcelain and intricate dishes. The only indispensable attribute of the table should be a large loaf of new settlers - a symbol of prosperity and prosperity in the house. Prepare light snacks, fruits, sweets and spirits for guests.

Step 4

Decorate the walls and doors in the apartment with comic inscriptions. There is no need to heavily decorate and decorate the house. A few fun flower arrangements and balloons should be enough.

Step 5

Think over the scenario. There should definitely be time for a feast, cheerful greetings, dances and gifts. Build a general storyline. For example, you can resume building your home throughout the evening. Start by laying the foundation, such a foundation will be a plentiful table. Then build the walls brick by brick. Gifts from friends will become these bricks for your celebration. Games and contests will be the roof for your fun. They can be timed to coincide with the main theme of the celebration.

Step 6

It is very important that your housewarming is fun, bright and carefree. Be sure to pick up musical accompaniment for the holiday. A merry housewarming is not only a feast, but also contests in which all guests participate. The options can be very different: dancing with closed eyes, reading tongue twisters, pantomime and others.