How To Celebrate A Porcelain Wedding

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How To Celebrate A Porcelain Wedding
How To Celebrate A Porcelain Wedding

Video: How To Celebrate A Porcelain Wedding

Video: How To Celebrate A Porcelain Wedding
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Not every couple can live together for twenty years. And despite the fact that the spouses have been together for so much time and nothing seems to be able to separate them, their marriage requires care and careful handling. It is not surprising that porcelain has become a symbol of the twenty-year wedding date - a valuable material, but fragile, like marital relations.

How to celebrate a porcelain wedding
How to celebrate a porcelain wedding


Step 1

It is customary to celebrate a porcelain wedding in a narrow circle of family and friends. A celebration will take place at home or in a restaurant, it is up to the spouses to decide. The main thing is the atmosphere of the holiday. On the festive table must be present the symbol of the anniversary - porcelain. The dishes may not be new, but they should shine and symbolize the fragility of the relationship that you have so carefully preserved for two decades.

Step 2

Take care of the decoration of the room. Try to decorate the room in light colors, light airy figurines, balloons, cover the table with a white lace tablecloth. And the "newlyweds" themselves can put on white outfits. All this will give the feeling of a real wedding celebration, which after so many years is still relevant.

Step 3

It is customary for guests to come to celebrate a porcelain wedding with children. Firstly, children's voices create a sense of home spirit, family happiness and comfort. Secondly, this is a great way to set an example of how to build family relationships in order to live together for two decades.

Step 4

The food is recommended to be served oriental, since porcelain was brought back in ancient times from the eastern countries. And since porcelain is mainly tea-ware, put special emphasis on tea drinking. Treat guests to homemade cakes, light cakes, pies, cake, cookies and sweets. Surprise the audience with delicious yet uncomplicated meals prepared by the whole family.

Step 5

On this day, it is customary to give porcelain dishes or household items made of such a fragile, but such beautiful material. This can be anything from a photo holder to oversized porcelain vases. The guests themselves decide what to give.

Step 6

Such a holiday can easily turn into nostalgic conversations and reminiscences of the past. If you show a little imagination, you can come up with some kind of family tradition or, for example, record all the happy moments of your family life in a beautiful album.

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