Park "Lukomorye" - A Fairy-tale World In The Moscow Region

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Park "Lukomorye" - A Fairy-tale World In The Moscow Region
Park "Lukomorye" - A Fairy-tale World In The Moscow Region

Video: Park "Lukomorye" - A Fairy-tale World In The Moscow Region

Video: Park "Lukomorye" - A Fairy-tale World In The Moscow Region
Video: Парк Лукоморье. Совхоз им. Ленина (Грудинина).Куда пойти с ребёнком. Outdoor Playground for kids 2023, December

If you live or find yourself in Moscow and want to spend interesting and useful time and relax with your children, be sure to visit the Lukomorye Park. A tour of it will bring a lot of pleasure to both children and adults.

The park
The park

"Lukomorye" - a fabulous country

Moscow Lukomorye Park is a great way to spend time with children and to plunge into a fairy tale for a while. After all, only here visitors can meet the heroes of Pushkin's fairy tales: famous heroes, a learned cat, a mermaid sitting on the branches, Baba Yaga flying in a mortar, an old man and a goldfish caught by him.

In addition, guests can visit a fabulous hut on chicken legs and see how her owner “lives”, have fun on numerous carousels, attractions and playgrounds. The expression “it is better to see once than hear a hundred times” perfectly suits “Lukomoryu”. And there is really something to see in the park. The Lukomorye children's amusement park located in the Lenin State Farm is attractive to visitors of all ages. It is noteworthy that there is no such resting place even in the capital. And as noted by those who have already visited this unusual park, it will be interesting for everyone. The organizers and designers of "Lukomorya" put a lot of effort and imagination to turn the place of rest into an unusual fairyland.

Journey through the magical "Lukomorye"

It is not difficult to find the Lukomorye park in the village. The entrance to it is decorated with a fabulous gate with a dragon depicted on them, behind which all kinds of miracles begin. Approaching the park, visitors meet with majestic and mighty heroes, who stand guard along the entire fence - instead of pillars. Other exits from the park are also interestingly decorated.

A large index stone in the form of a scroll with lines from the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" carved on it, familiar from childhood, will help tourists "decide on the route". And right there, visitors meet with the heroes of the famous and beloved by many works.

It is as if a magic oak tree (a tree, by the way, alive) comes to life in front of them, around which a scientist cat walks along a chain, telling fairy tales and singing songs. It is always lively around it: children love to relax under its dense canopy and climb on it. You look higher and you see a beautiful mermaid sitting on the branches. A little further - in the air "the sorcerer carries the hero". The Leshy stands guard not far away. And a stupa with Baba Yagoya "flies by" by.

Nearby, there is also the accommodation of the fairytale heroine - a hut on chicken legs with a roof decorated with bright fly agarics and crows that have settled on it. Anyone can enter the unusual house, look through the windows, doors, and then have fun sliding down the hill.

Numerous structures are of great interest to children and adults:

  • huts,
  • locks,
  • houses.

These are interactive towers in which favorite fairy tales are presented to the attention of visitors. Each house has its own story, which is told by mechanical heroes. To see a vivid puppet show, just press the yellow button on the window and enjoy the amazing spectacle, listening to tales of the Goldfish, the goat and its kids and other favorite characters.

Themed sculptural compositions have been created for many lines of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in the recreation park "Lukomorye". For example, there is a dungeon in which "the princess grieves, and the brown wolf faithfully serves her." On a hot sultry day, it is gracious and fresh near the fabulous fountain, in the center of which is the castle of Koshchei the Immortal. It is presented in the form of a small palace with carved windows, on the dome of which an egg with the death of Koshchei is hidden. The fountain is surrounded by numerous sculptures of frogs sitting on the "shore" of the reservoir. Koschey himself sits inside the tower and counts the coins - "withers over the gold."

In "Lukomorye" there are many interesting sculptures, next to which it will be useful to take pictures. These pictures will be a great addition to a family photo album or slideshow. Children love to pose next to a magic frog or to appear in front of the camera, "riding" a large turtle or dragon. Many of the guys are not averse to sitting on a knight's horse or taking a selfie next to Leshim. However, there are many reasons and motives for a photo session in the park.

Don't know the car and funny little people

The children are also very interested in the playground dedicated to the characters of Nikolai Nosov's fairy tales - Dunno and his friends. The main attraction of the fabulous Flower Town is the unusual Dunno mobile, which children are happy to get on. They also like to be photographed with the famous mechanics Cinch and Shpuntik, and the artist Tube. In addition to Flower Town, there are many other equally interesting playgrounds in the park.

Attractions and carousels - everyone likes

The organizers of Lukomorye were able to combine entertainment for children of all ages in one place. Toddlers will love trampolines, inflatable slides and a pool with plastic balls - a great way to relax and unwind. For older children, a multi-level suspended rope town with tunnels and rope ladders stretched between the trees was prepared. It is best to start the cable car journey from the first level, which is located at a low altitude (so that parents are not so scared for their children). Having mastered simple structures, the child can safely move to higher and more complex structures.

For parents in Lukomorye there is also entertainment for every taste:

  • numerous attractions,
  • swing,
  • carousel.

There is also a castle and a large fairytale palace, from the towers of which you can admire the views of the park.

Where is "Lukomorye"

Children's recreation park "Lukomorye" is located not far from Moscow - in the state farm named after V. I. Lenin. This wonderful place with beautiful houses and well-groomed lawns, into the overall picture of which new buildings fit perfectly, is located almost immediately outside the Moscow Ring Road along the Kashirskoye Highway. The official website of the park says that you can get to it by buses or fixed-route taxis departing from the Domodedovskaya metro station. There are about 15 of them. Buses with numbers 355, 356 k, 356, 364, 356/355, 420, 367, 433, 439, 496, 466, 505, 504, 508, 512 go to the Lenin state farm from the Domodedovskaya metro station.

For those who decide to get to the park on their own, for example, by car, it will be useful to know the exact address: Moscow Region, Leninsky District, Lenin State Farm, 7a (not far from the House of Culture).

For vacationers on a note

Before heading to the Lukomorye park, visitors should consider that at the same time it can accommodate no more than four hundred people. Those who did not manage to get into the first "batch" will have to wait until other vacationers begin to leave the park. Only after that other people will be allowed into the park. Therefore, in order not to stand in lines, it is best to arrive at your destination early: before 11. As experienced park visitors note, there is practically no queue at the entrance at this time. Almost immediately upon arrival, you can go to the park and in the morning on weekdays.

On the territory of the park there are cafes "At Uncle Au" and "Izbushka" with pastries, ice cream and drinks. Like all structures on the territory of a fabulous country, they are decorated according to the theme.

However, even the toilet in the park is unusual - to match the fairytale theme: a house made of red fly agarics.

The entrance to the park is free, like most of the attractions and entertainment.

At the central gate of the park there is a guarded "mini-parking" where you can safely leave a child's vehicle - a bicycle or a scooter. Their safety is closely monitored by the guards standing at the entrance.

The Lukomorye children's park near Moscow is an ideal place for a family vacation. Its advantages are:

  • variety of attractions,
  • free entrance,
  • free entertainment,
  • great pastime.

And if in doubt, visit the park and see for yourself.