How To Write Congratulations To Your Grandson

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How To Write Congratulations To Your Grandson
How To Write Congratulations To Your Grandson

Video: How To Write Congratulations To Your Grandson

Video: How To Write Congratulations To Your Grandson
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Happy birthday greetings to the grandson are especially touching and affectionate, and sometimes even too “sweet”. If you are a grandmother and want to congratulate your pet, follow the tips below.

How to write congratulations to your grandson
How to write congratulations to your grandson


Step 1

Consider the age of the birthday person. If the grandson is still a child, this is one thing, but if he is already an adult, this is another. As a rule, congratulations for young children are the same, either from mom and dad or from grandparents. As a gift, the kid receives a toy or skates, etc. Everybody has the same wishes: to grow big, healthy and courageous; study only for grades, etc.

Step 2

If the grandson has grown up and wishes like “grow big” are no longer suitable, you can come up with a completely original congratulation, which will surely surprise and delight your adult grandson.

Step 3

Remember how your grandson called you as a child, his first words addressed specifically to you. Grandmothers usually do not forget such words. The grandson will be pleased if you include these words in your congratulations, as well as phrases from his favorite nursery rhymes. Will he remember how you once read them together?

Step 4

Look in your drawers and folders for memorable children's drawings of the grandson, which he drew a long time ago. Usually grandmothers keep such things. Insert this picture into a frame, write a few warm wishes below and give it to your grandson. He will be surprised and delighted.

Step 5

Congratulate your grandson with his childhood favorite dishes. Let the way of this congratulation be a little trivial, but one hundred percent pleasant. Decorate the dishes by writing cream on top or by laying out his child's name with pieces of berries and fruits, for example: "Vovka" or "Petunchik".

Step 6

Send your grandson a congratulatory telegram by mail. Take advantage of this non-modern way of congratulating. This also has its own charm.

Step 7

If you are a modern and "advanced" grandmother - write him an sms-message. Congratulate your beloved grandson by e-mail or by leaving a virtual postcard on his favorite website.

Step 8

Take advantage of the many websites with congratulatory poems on the Internet. Poems for a grandson, for example, can be found at this address:

Step 9

If your grandson is an avid car enthusiast or, by the nature of his work, spends hours at the wheel of a car, you can congratulate him live on Avtoradio: wish him health and happiness, and order his favorite song. Of course, he will be pleased to hear such congratulations from his beloved grandmother.

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