How To Make A Wish On The Old New Year

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How To Make A Wish On The Old New Year
How To Make A Wish On The Old New Year

Video: How To Make A Wish On The Old New Year

Video: How To Make A Wish On The Old New Year
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You are mistaken if you think that making wishes is possible only on the night of December 31 to January 1. Winter gives everyone several magical holidays at once, including the old New Year. This event falls at the end of the Christmas time period, which creates an unusual mystical atmosphere. It's time to act and make your deepest desires.

How to make a wish on the old New Year
How to make a wish on the old New Year

It is necessary

  • - paper,
  • - saucer,
  • - candle,
  • - matches,
  • - fruits and sweets.


Step 1

Try to decide on a desire a few days before that very cherished date - on the night of January 13-14. Cast aside all doubts and consider your desire in absolute silence and calmness. At the moment of the onset of the old New Year, take a candle in your hand and make a wish to make your cherished dream come true. This should be done while lighting the candle with matches. Holding it in your right hand, drip the melted wax into a saucer of water. Hang the resulting cooled figurine on the tree in the most conspicuous place. And in the morning, remove it from the tree and place it in the wealth zone (according to Feng Shui) before the onset of the new moon. Your desire will certainly come true, the main thing is to believe in it.

Step 2

Take three strips of paper and write on each of them one of your most cherished wishes. Spread them out along the edge of a shallow container and secure, they should be facing inward. Place a small lighted round candle in the very center of the container. Whichever leaf with a desire to light up first will be fulfilled this year.

Step 3

On old New Year's night, write your wish on a piece of paper and place it on a white saucer. After the clock strikes the twelfth time, light the leaf. After the paper has burned, spread the ashes in the wind with gratitude and joy.

Step 4

If you want the coming year to bring you financial well-being, decorate the tree with coins and banknotes. Do you dream of meeting your soul mate? Then the most important decorations should be figurines and images of lovers, hearts and other paired objects. To attract good luck and happiness to your home, decorate your front door with garlands, bells and bright red balls.

Step 5

Write your wishes on twelve small pieces of paper, wrap it up and put it under your pillow. After you wake up, immediately stick your hand under the pillow and take out one of the leaves. The wish written on it will surely come true in the coming year.

Step 6

If you dream that the new year will be rich and generous, hurry out into the night and give out sweets or fruits to the first 12 strangers (if it's 2012) who are walking towards you. Your generosity will definitely be rewarded and desires will certainly come true.

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