How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Make Your New Year's Wish Come True

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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Make Your New Year's Wish Come True
How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Make Your New Year's Wish Come True

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Make Your New Year's Wish Come True

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Make Your New Year's Wish Come True

Many people on New Year's Eve, listening to the chimes, make a cherished wish, hoping that it will certainly come true. Some put coins in a glass of champagne, others burn a piece of paper with a wish with a candle, ask the mythical Santa Claus to fulfill their dreams, tightly shutting their eyes at exactly 12 at night. But there is another way to make a wish for the New Year, so that it will definitely come true - you need to properly dress up the Christmas tree, decorating it in a certain way.

How to decorate a Christmas tree
How to decorate a Christmas tree

Decorating a living or artificial Christmas tree for the New Year is an exciting activity that allows you to create an atmosphere of a winter holiday, a fairy tale at home. Even just looking at Christmas decorations, snowflakes and garlands, you can forget about problems, worries for a long time, immerse yourself in reflections on happiness and your desires, dreams.

Together with a decorated Christmas tree, a festive mood comes to the apartment, a little magic appears. That is why, for a long time, there have been rituals and rules for Christmas tree decor that help to translate unrealizable desires into reality.

The main traditions relate to New Year's toys - glass balls, icicles, gilded cones and bright tinsel. The fulfillment of the cherished dream depends on the place where they will be hung. Many ceremonies involve sweets, fruits, coins, and children's toys. But first things first. First, you need to decide on the main desire, to understand what you want the most:

  • family happiness;
  • Good luck with business;
  • love;
  • well-being;
  • health;
  • birth of a baby;
  • financial independence and wealth.

Depending on the chosen desire, you need to decorate the New Year tree in a certain way, choosing themed toys in accordance with the main dream.

Bow on a Christmas tree
Bow on a Christmas tree

In search of happiness

In order for a live or artificial tree to fulfill New Year's wishes, it must be correctly positioned in the apartment. To strengthen family ties, the tree should be placed to the left of the entrance to the room, near the wall. To improve your sex life, the tree should be placed in the far right corner. You can establish rapport with children if you install the New Year's symbol to the right of the entrance.

To make life "sweet", it is recommended to hang various sweets on the tree - sweets, gingerbread, homemade cookies with nuts, icing, candies, tangerines. In the first minutes of the New Year, you just need to remove the treat from the branch and eat it, making the desired wish.

To lure happiness into the house, it is imperative to hang bright balls of different colors and sizes on the tree, preferably made of glass, not cheap plastic. They symbolize the unity of feminine and masculine energy, give family peace, joy, comfort and health.

In order for the house to be protected from troubles and misfortunes all year round, it is worth putting on a five-pointed star or a beautiful tip on the pointed top of the spruce.

Balls on the tree
Balls on the tree

Waiting for good luck

They say that luck is a profitable business, so you need to believe in your dreams, helping your desires to come true. And this applies to all areas of life. Here are some Christmas tree rituals for those looking to achieve something in the coming year:

  • if you dream of going on a trip or visiting the sea - attach loops to tourist brochures, catalogs, calendars and magnets, hang them on branches closer to the trunk;
  • if you want to become luckier, to protect yourself from troubles, the evil eye, empty slander - decorate the tree with medallions, a pectoral cross, a pendant, bags of incense, protective amulets;
  • if you want to acquire a beautiful figure - dress up the tree with toys in the form of fruits, vegetables, attach toy dumbbells, skates, parts of a tracksuit, photos of jocks or slender beauties;
  • if you want to buy an expensive TV, telephone or apartment - hang a photo with the image of things on the upper branches, attaching them with ordinary wooden clothespins.

Also, to attract good luck, the garlands must be stirred, unwinding clockwise, and the rain with tinsel - from top to bottom.

The rain on the tree
The rain on the tree

Dreams of love

To meet your love in the new year, you need to activate this romantic desire. A magical action called "Three balls on a tree" will help.

  1. You need to buy 3 new Christmas tree balls in the store, best of all glass.
  2. The first ball is an amplifier of the basic desire, it should be applied to the heart to charge with magical energy, mentally imagining a loved one. This ball is hung on the very top of the New Year's "magic tree".
  3. The second Christmas ball is a symbol of future love, you need to make your wish and hang the toy in the middle of the fir tree.
  4. The third ball symbolizes mutual feelings, therefore, when "charging" it, one must wish the dream come true in the New Year and the person being made to guess, attach the magic symbol to the very bottom, at the base of the trunk.

Another ritual concerns garlands, ribbons and toys in the form of red hearts, paired bells. Attributes should be hung on the branches, attaching hearts and bells in pairs, tying ribbons in red and pink bows. A Christmas tree decorated in this way will definitely attract love, relieve you of bitter loneliness.

Hearts on the Christmas tree
Hearts on the Christmas tree

Hopes for the birth of a child

A toy in the shape of a horseshoe will help to strengthen family happiness and keep love. It must be attached at the base of the branches. The same married couple that dreams of the birth of a baby should decorate a New Year's beauty-spruce, preferably alive, with pink and blue bows (depending on the gender chosen), gilded cones, nuts wrapped in silver foil. You also need to put children's toys, booties, a pacifier and other things dear to the heart under the Christmas tree.

To attract wealth

On New Year's Eve, under the chimes, they make plans to make their dream come true to improve their financial situation, get rich, become successful and independent. Red ribbons, beads and gold coins hanging on the tree will help to do this. These are symbols of prosperity and wealth. If a living tree is in a bucket of water or sand, it is necessary to throw to the bottom or bury a few real coins to "breed" money.

New year luck money
New year luck money

You can also attach ruble and dollar bills rolled up in a tube, rolled up in a tube, coins wrapped in red paper, and amulets for wealth on the branches. In a secluded corner, where no one can see, you need to attach something else - a ring, a chain, an ornament in order to attract monetary energy.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to write your desire on a piece of paper, roll it up. Then tie it with a ribbon, thread of rain or serpentine, attach with a bow to the Christmas tree branch to materialize the dream.

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