New Year's Menu 2020: What Products Should Be On The Festive Table

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New Year's Menu 2020: What Products Should Be On The Festive Table
New Year's Menu 2020: What Products Should Be On The Festive Table

Video: New Year's Menu 2020: What Products Should Be On The Festive Table

Video: New Year's Menu 2020: What Products Should Be On The Festive Table
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Preparations for the New Year should be started in advance, and autumn is the best time for this. And what, you have enough strength to think through everything both at the expense of the Christmas tree and at the expense of gifts, and it is advisable to draw up the menu in advance. According to the Eastern calendar, the upcoming New Year is the Year of the Mouse (or the Rat, which is less poetic). So the recipes for the dishes must be chosen such that this little rodent will definitely like it.

New Year's menu 2020
New Year's menu 2020

Everyone knows that a mouse (especially a rat) is an omnivorous animal, therefore New Year's dishes should be varied, satisfying, tasty. But do not think that you can throw everything that comes to hand from the oven onto the table. The symbol of the year does not like all treats.

What foods should not be included in the New Year's menu 2020

In 2020, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the white (according to other sources - silver) Mouse / Rat will come, as you like. And there is a small list of products that it is better not to use when preparing dishes for the New Year's table. The symbol of the new 2020 does not favor them too much.

These deprecated foods include:

  • fresh cabbage;
  • semolina (although it is doubtful that someone will cook semolina in the New Year, but still);
  • very fatty foods such as beef jellied meat, aspic from pork, lard, boiled pork and smoked meats;
  • fatty meat (it is better to take a dietary turkey, rabbit, chicken, veal without layers of fat for cooking);
  • hard cheese with a very strong smell, right in the nose;
  • strong alcohol, especially home-made - moonshine is definitely prohibited, a white mouse, like the Ministry of Health, warns that it is dangerous to health;
  • strong coffee.

Also, you should not cook unfamiliar, exotic and very spicy dishes, the Mouse does not like this and does not welcome it on the festive table in 2020.


What foods should be included in the New Year's menu in 2020

On the New Year's festive table in the Year of the Rat, there should be the following products (you can serve them separately as slices, a vitamin plate, or prepare hearty meals with these ingredients):

  • meat, but not fatty, fried, stewed, baked;
  • cereals;
  • berries and fruits, but not too exotic, bananas and apples can be, papaya and passion fruit are not recommended to buy;
  • fresh herbs;
  • seafood (seaweed cannot be used);
  • cottage cheese;
  • seeds, including sesame;
  • nuts;
  • fruit drinks, juices.

Dishes should not be made very complex, from 10 or more components, the simpler the world, the more pleasant the symbol of 2020 will be. It is better to put a couple of plates with fruit slices on the festive table, put cheese and berries on the plates. You can bake chicken, turkey, stew a rabbit with vegetables, cook 2-3 familiar and favorite salads, sandwiches with fish and caviar, snacks from eggs, vegetables.

Mouse salad
Mouse salad

How to decorate the New Year's table 2020

The White Rat loves eco-style indications, decor made of natural materials, branches, burlap, live spruce branches, light colors in the interior. The tablecloth should be white or gray, napkins - linen, preferably linen, dishes - porcelain, white.

It is worth putting in the center of the table a bouquet of dried flowers, spruce or pine branches, spikelets. It is better to remove the bottles, and decorate the free space between dishes and appliances with compositions of berries, handicrafts with grain, cones.

The main thing is to celebrate the New Year 2020 with the whole family together!

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