How To Make The Tree Stand Longer

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How To Make The Tree Stand Longer
How To Make The Tree Stand Longer

Video: How To Make The Tree Stand Longer

Video: How To Make The Tree Stand Longer
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One of the symbols of the New Year is an elegant Christmas tree. On New Year's holidays, she decorates almost any home. Moreover, if artificial analogs can stand for a long time and absolutely will not lose their appearance, then the installation of a live tree requires special conditions.

How to make the tree stand longer
How to make the tree stand longer

It is necessary

  • - sand;
  • - salt;
  • - sugar;
  • - aspirin;
  • - crushed chalk;
  • - lemon acid;
  • - ammonium nitrate;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium nitrate.


Step 1

Choose the right tree. The tree should look massive and fluffy - the branches of a healthy tree are strong and resilient, the needles are green and not crumbling. A tree with small needles will last the longest, and the trunk should also be covered with needles. Watch the integrity of the crown - if it breaks off, the tree will dry out quickly.

Step 2

Prepare the barrel. Do not create sudden temperature changes - if you bought a Christmas tree on the street, then hold it for several hours in the entrance or on the balcony. Do not keep the spruce warm as it will quickly lose its freshness. The trunk of the tree should be exposed - chop off the lower branches, exposing the base by about 20 centimeters (shave off the bark with a sharp, thin knife).

Step 3

Choose a way to store the tree. You can put the spruce in a container with water or sand - the choice of material depends on the size of the tree and your intentions to extend the life of the New Year's beauty. Sand is considered ideal for strengthening the tree and, with proper feeding, will help the tree last longer.

Step 4

Prepare a nutrient solution. Mix salt and sugar (2 tablespoons each), dissolve the powder in water (2-3 liters), add one aspirin tablet - this composition will provide nutrition to the tree and prevent rot. Dissolve a pinch of citric acid and a little crushed chalk in 3 liters of water. These two options can be used for small sized wood that will hold in a container with a water solution. For large trees, additional reinforcement with sand is required.

Step 5

Add a liter of water to clean sand with one aspirin tablet and 3 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in it - in the resulting mass you place the tree trunk and carefully tamp the composition. Water the sand periodically with water with dissolved aspirin and a few grains of potassium permanganate.

Step 6

Keep the tree fresh. Once a day, spray the branches with water from a spray bottle and add a few tablespoons of a mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and potassium nitrate (2: 1: 0, 5) to the container with the solution. Any fertilizer for indoor plants can be used for daily feeding - ready-made formulations contain all the elements necessary to keep the tree green and fresh for as long as possible.