How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer

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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer
How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer

Video: How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer

Video: How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer
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The main decoration of the house during the New Year holidays is traditionally coniferous trees, lavishing unique resinous aromas. Who doesn't want to keep the tree as long as possible so that its needles do not start to yellow and crumble prematurely? Some proven methods allow you to keep a felled tree in the house until early spring. If you wish, you can also buy a live Christmas tree in a pot to decorate your festive interior with it for two (or even three) winters in a row.

How to keep your Christmas tree longer
How to keep your Christmas tree longer

It is necessary

  • - Freshly cut Christmas tree (options: a seedling with closed roots or a plant in a pot);
  • - a bucket or pot with a wide mouth;
  • - water and watering can;
  • - pallet;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - sand;
  • - a piece of woolen cloth;
  • - salt;
  • - three-liter can;
  • - aspirin;
  • - sugar;
  • - lemon acid;
  • - glycerin;
  • - gelatin;
  • - a piece of chalk;
  • - spray gun.


Step 1

Make sure the trunk of the Christmas tree you bought has a 45-degree cut. After buying a coniferous beauty, do not rush to install it directly into the room - give the plant the opportunity to acclimatize. Lean him against the wall in the cool entryway, or in the hallway at the very exit to the street. After a day, be sure to renew the cut of the spruce trunk with a sharp knife - this will open its pores, and the tree will better absorb the nutrient solution when watering.

Step 2

Place the Christmas tree in a wide-necked bucket or pot, filling the container with wet sand. In the future, you will need to carefully monitor that the contents of the vessel do not dry out. Water the spruce regularly with a watering can. It is also recommended to make a cut in the lower part of the trunk and keep a wet piece of cloth made of natural wool fibers (preferably unpainted) in it at all times. Keep the coat wet at all times.

Step 3

Use water with a little table salt to water the tree. In addition, other nutrient solutions can be used to preserve the felled coniferous tree until spring. For instance, • in a three-liter jar filled with water, dissolve a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid and 25 g of granulated sugar. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

• A small amount of gelatin diluted in water for irrigation gives the plant a good refreshing effect; for spruce needles, a 50% solution of pharmacy glycerin is especially useful.

• You can also make a nutrient solution for the Christmas tree from citric acid (no more than one level teaspoon for a three-liter can of water). It is also a good idea to add three tablespoons of white school chalk to the acidified liquid, carefully crushed into a fine powder and sifted through a sieve to avoid lumps.

Step 4

Try saving the tree until next New Years by purchasing a live plant in a container. When buying, be sure to make sure that its branches retain their elasticity (bend, but do not break), and also differ in fresh shiny needles. If you buy a seedling for subsequent self-planting in a pot, do it only in a serious forestry and choose a closed root system in moist soil.

Step 5

Do not water a live indoor tree, but pour water into the container pan. Spray the needles regularly from a spray bottle with clean, settled water at room temperature. When the holidays are over, put the tree on the glassed-in balcony or in the canopy - in winter it should "sleep" in the cool. In the spring, it can be taken out into the garden and slightly dug into the ground, choosing a darkened place.