What To Give The Boss For The New Year

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What To Give The Boss For The New Year
What To Give The Boss For The New Year

Video: What To Give The Boss For The New Year

Video: What To Give The Boss For The New Year
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For the New Year, it is customary to make gifts not only to relatives, but also to the authorities. But what should you choose if you are going to buy a present for a woman chef? The main thing here is not to be mistaken. A "wrong" gift can ruin more than just the mood.

What to give the boss for the New Year
What to give the boss for the New Year

New Year is a time of parties, meeting friends and, of course, gifts. It is customary to make gifts not only to relatives, close people, but also to partners, colleagues, clients. Do not forget about the boss at the helm of a company, branch or department. But what to choose if there is a woman in front of you? A little about how to pick up a present for the boss.

How to choose a gift

It is best for the manager to give a gift from the team, although if you wish, you can present some kind of personal present if you are united not only by work. In other cases, solve the issue with your colleagues together.

Determine the budget for the event. This is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a presentation for bosses and colleagues. It is best to be guided by the fee that each employee of the firm / department can afford. Sometimes, however, they start from the value of the gift, if it is known in advance what you are going to buy.

There is a myth that expensive gifts should be given to bosses. This is not entirely true. Of course, consumer goods from the nearest kiosk are unlikely to pass for a worthy present, but the price is not a defining characteristic of the gift. More important than expensive is only a stylish and holiday-appropriate thing. And then, not every leader will be able to accept too valuable a gift, which is often regarded as a bribe, especially if it is made by one person or on behalf of a small group of people, and not the entire team.

What to gift

An interior item that will allow you to decorate the boss's office. This is a very worthy option, especially after moving to a new office or office. Consider vases, figurines, panel paintings, calendars. However, if there is no free space on the walls or the thing will clearly be superfluous, it is better to refuse such a gift.

Pay attention to the items that allow you to organize your desk workspace. This could be a stationery stand, for example. Often, such items are adorned with corresponding plates such as "The best boss".

Pleasure gifts, such as spa passes, will appeal to any woman, including the manager. This is the best option you can think of if you are sure in advance that your boss loves to visit places of relaxation.

A symbolic, but no less pleasant gift is a certificate specially made for the leader. It can be complemented with a sweet treat and a bouquet of flowers.

If the boss loves indoor plants, give her another flower in the collection, having previously found out what she wants to get.

What is better not to give

Beware of picking things that are directly opposite to the person's status and have obvious sexist tendencies. These can be any items that make fun of women and indicate that they should stay at home and not meddle in leadership positions.

Giving money with money is not the best gift option for the bosses. As a present for the New Year, there must be a specific item specially selected for the chef. In extreme cases, you can limit yourself to enrolling the collected amount for a gift certificate to a perfume shop.

It is also not customary to give alcohol, although many are very fond of violating this ethical prohibition. Especially if these are spirits.

If you are not sure that you will like the gift, it is better to continue your search. Buying “for show” is obviously a losing option. Think carefully before purchasing this or that item.

It is not difficult to choose a gift for the boss. The main thing is not to buy too personal and offensive things, but it is better to focus on the design of the office and rest, which, alas, not every manager can afford.