How To Schedule Working Hours

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How To Schedule Working Hours
How To Schedule Working Hours

Video: How To Schedule Working Hours

Video: How To Schedule Working Hours
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For productive work, each employee needs a work schedule. It will allow you to distribute labor actions in the best possible way, that is, to optimize the workload on the employee.

How to schedule working hours
How to schedule working hours


Step 1

To draw up a working time schedule, you first need to study the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. It presents all the requirements for the duration of the employee's working hours. The work schedule should not contradict them.

Step 2

In order for the schedule to be optimal, it is necessary to carefully study the functional responsibilities of the employee. They are spelled out in the job description. This will be the full scope of the work. The work schedule may vary depending on the season.

Step 3

In addition, the number of employee working hours per week is taken into account. An unequal number of hours is allowed for each working day. The distribution of hours for each working day will depend on the work schedule of other specialists, the occupancy of premises, etc. The total number of employee working hours per week should not exceed that specified in the job description.

Step 4

When scheduling, you should also take into account general daily and weekly activities (for example, morning planning meetings, meetings, teacher advice, etc.). Accordingly, an employee's working day can start at different times. In addition, the work schedule should take into account the lunch break. It is also permissible to include fifteen minute breaks.

Step 5

The work schedules of all employees are checked by the head of the organization, who signs each of them. On their basis, an order is issued, where an operating mode for the new year (academic or calendar) is prescribed for each official.

Step 6

The approved working time schedule for each employee is monitored and controlled by an employee of the personnel department, as well as directly by the head of the institution. This provides a better approach to work. For deviations from the work schedule, for its systematic violation, disciplinary sanctions are provided in the form of fines and reprimands (oral or with entry into the work book).