How To Draw A Drawing For March 8

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How To Draw A Drawing For March 8
How To Draw A Drawing For March 8

Video: How To Draw A Drawing For March 8

Video: How To Draw A Drawing For March 8
Video: Рисунок на 8 Марта / Поздравительная открытка / Drawing for March 8 2023, April

Children also want to please their beloved mothers, sisters and grandmothers with a gift for March 8th. In kindergarten and primary school, they are taught to make crafts with their own hands, draw postcards. You can, of course, buy a picture, but a gift made by yourself is incomparably more sincere than a store one. And dad will always help the child to cope with the work.

How to draw a drawing for March 8
How to draw a drawing for March 8

It is necessary

  • - white or colored paper;
  • - simple pencils, markers and paints;
  • - drawings and pictures depicting various fairy-tale characters.


Step 1

The picture drawn for March 8 must have flowers. Spring flowers - mimosa, snowdrops are not difficult to depict. Think of something else to draw on the card. A cute fluffy animal holding a bouquet in small paws will definitely move your mother or grandmother. The little sister will be delighted by a fairytale fairy sitting on a flowering branch.

Step 2

Weave an image of the number 8 into your drawing so that the picture leaves no doubt about which holiday it is intended for. The figure eight can be made consisting of small flowers or in the form of an elegant satin ribbon tying the bouquet.

Step 3

Choose a background for your drawing. Whether it is a white field or a sheet of colored paper is up to you. You can use blue paper, the color of which is similar to the fresh spring sky. Pink is good for the picture you give your little sister, while green can be used to paint a whole field of bright colors.

Step 4

Get your paints and crayons ready. With a simple pencil, draw an initial sketch that will define the locations for each object and character. Sketch the figurine of the animal, consisting of circles and ovals. The bouquet will also be one spot for now, separate flowers and other details will be drawn later, when the picture is more definite.

Step 5

For example, you can draw a bright fairy-tale house, in front of it is a lawn of flowers, where there are a bunny-mother and a bunny-son. A fluffy child hands his mother a bouquet of different-sized carrots. In this case, you first need to outline the place of the house with a simple pencil strokes, but leave space for the porch and lawn below.

Step 6

If you decide to draw a fairy sitting on a fantastic flower, start with a picture of a plant, copy the graceful thin figurine of a fairy-tale girl from the found image. This image can be found on the packaging of a doll toy, on the cover of a notebook or children's book.

Step 7

A drawing for a grandmother can also be made fabulous. Depict a rustic open window, an old woman sitting in front of it, and a calf with a beautiful flower in its mouth peeps through the window.

Step 8

But a simple bouquet, drawn by you personally, will delight your beloved woman, to whom you present this picture. The main thing is that you do not forget to add your tenderness and care when you do the drawing.

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