How To Congratulate Unusually

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How To Congratulate Unusually
How To Congratulate Unusually

Video: How To Congratulate Unusually

Video: How To Congratulate Unusually
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Congratulating your loved one, employee or boss on a birthday or professional date is not necessarily boring and familiar. This can be done outside the box, because for this there are a great many interesting options.

How to congratulate unusually
How to congratulate unusually


Step 1

Delivery and presentation of a bouquet of flowers

In a specialized salon for the hero of the occasion, a bouquet of various flowers will be made to order. At your request, these can be roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, lilies or any other flowers. Festive packaging and delivery are often free of charge.

Step 2

Congratulations from the artists

Unusually, artists will help you to congratulate your loved one in various ways, who will also give him a prepared gift. Depending on what time the congratulation is scheduled, from the actor himself who will congratulate, from the agency providing the service, the cost of the service will start from about 1000 rubles and be limited to three or four thousand.

Step 3

Writing a poem

In the agency, according to your order and taking into account all your wishes, they can also write any poem. It will cost you no less than one and a half thousand rubles.

Step 4

Congratulations with fireworks

Isn't fireworks a pleasant surprise?

Write the name of the birthday person in the sky and it will flash from 30 seconds to a minute. Professionals will also help you create a spectacular fireworks palette. Writing one letter costs from a thousand rubles to two and a half.

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