How To Congratulate A Coach

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How To Congratulate A Coach
How To Congratulate A Coach

Video: How To Congratulate A Coach

Video: How To Congratulate A Coach
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Athletes owe their achievements to one person - the coach. It was thanks to him that they reached their heights in sports, and often in life. For many athletes, a coach is not only a mentor, but almost a parent, so congratulating him on a holiday, professional or personal, is the sacred duty of the wards.

How to congratulate a coach
How to congratulate a coach

It is necessary

Poems, music, flowers, gift, dietary products


Step 1

Congratulations on the holiday are warm and sincere words. Congratulations are not only possible, but even need to be associated with his profession, even if you wish him a happy birthday or New Year. Write or search the Internet for poems that are appropriate for the occasion. If you compose poems on your own, then you can playfully beat the severity and exactingness of your mentor, but the congratulations must necessarily contain words of gratitude and warm wishes, for example, success and bring up many champions.

Step 2

In the event that the coach is your friend, relative, or just you are a very good acquaintance, congratulations should look different. Be sure to mention his personality traits in your speech. In this case, wishes can relate not only to his field of activity, but also to his personal life: wish him love, health, prosperity, loyal friends and joyful moments.

Step 3

Congratulations are usually accompanied by a gift. You should not give sweets or alcohol to an athlete - if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, then all this will simply settle unnecessarily on the shelves. Make sure to present a bouquet to the woman trainer. Only flowers you need to choose or her favorite (if you know this) or those that do not smell too much, because she may be allergic. Any necessary thing can be a gift. If you do not know what your coach wants to receive as a gift, then give him a comic medal, cup, certificate or T-shirt with the inscription, for example, "to the best coach", "for the courage in bringing up the team", etc.

Step 4

A song can become an original congratulation to the coach. You can perform the song yourself with the whole team before training, or you can order it on the radio and turn on this channel during training. Also, your mentor will be pleased to see congratulations in the newspaper. You just need to place the poem in the edition that the coach reads.

Step 5

If your team has the makings of an actor, act out a short play for your coach. Have one of you act as the trainer leading the workout. Exaggerate his severity and exactingness a little, and play the role of awkward and mediocre athletes yourself. Play with humor and congratulations to your "coach", catching yourself at the end and handing a gift to a real mentor.

Step 6

Throw a sports party after your workout. Stock up on natural juice, low-calorie foods that you need to eat. Set the dressing room table and invite your mentor. He will be pleased that the team remembers the holiday, but at the same time does not violate its precepts.