What Flowers Are Presented On March 8

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What Flowers Are Presented On March 8
What Flowers Are Presented On March 8

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Video: What Flowers Are Presented On March 8
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It is difficult to imagine March 8 without flowers, which have become one of the recognized symbols of this holiday. The bouquet can serve as a wonderful addition to any gift, or as an independent present. And in order for it to really please the one for which it is intended, the choice of colors must be approached deliberately and carefully.

What flowers are presented on March 8
What flowers are presented on March 8


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Most often, on March 8, women are presented with tulips, which are considered a symbol of the coming spring. Red, pink, yellow, lilac and white - these seemingly uncomplicated flowers can have a wide variety of colors and bud shapes, so you can choose different options and please even the most discerning ladies. An elegant basket full of multi-colored tulips or a bouquet of red (pink or white) flowers will not leave anyone indifferent.

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On the day of March 8, as on any other holiday, roses are relevant, which are rightfully considered the queens of flowers. A bouquet of roses is perfect for both a young girl and a gray-haired lady, so you can safely give them to all the fair sex.

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The first spring flowers (snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils), reminding that winter has already ceded its rights to spring, are also always in demand on this holiday. Fragrant hyacinths, which are sold as cut arrows with flowers, and whole plants in small pots, look very delicate and graceful.

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Exotic orchids, which simply enchant with their beauty, will become an original and memorable gift. Such a bouquet is perfect for a beloved woman and will emphasize a special attitude towards her. In addition, orchids will be a wonderful gift for those of the fair sex who are distinguished by their original taste and like to surround themselves with unusual things.

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What flower is still associated with March 8? Of course, with mimosa, tender yellow balls, which have become a real symbol of this holiday. Mimosa sprigs can be presented to employees and friends, mimosa can be supplemented with a bouquet of other flowers, thereby giving it a festive flavor.

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But all the diversity of the flower world does not end with the listed plants. Chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, feces, gerberas, freesias - these flowers will delight women no less than tulips or roses. And if you know what kind of flower the person being gifted prefers, then you will have the cards in your hands.

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There is another interesting idea - to present a flower in a pot. It can be any externally attractive plant, and not necessarily a flowering one. Such a gift is especially suitable for those of the fair sex who love to care for houseplants. A lush blooming bush in a pot looks very beautiful and original and in any case will last longer than the freshest cut bouquet.

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