How To Choose A Host

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How To Choose A Host
How To Choose A Host

Video: How To Choose A Host

Video: How To Choose A Host
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When a lot of people gather at the festive table, there is no way to do without a presenter. His role is very important. After all, it largely depends on this person that the holiday is held in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere, so that everyone is happy. If he successfully copes with his role, each invitee will surely retain warm, pleasant memories of the celebration. And vice versa - an inept, unprofessional presenter can ruin everything, drive the guests into boredom.

How to choose a host
How to choose a host


Step 1

First of all, think about the nature and scope of the holiday you want to arrange. If, for example, an anniversary is being celebrated, and most of the guests are people of mature age, colleagues of the hero of the occasion, the most appropriate will be a leisurely solemn scenario of the event. Accordingly, either one of the close friends of the hero of the day (if only his tongue is "well hung") or an entertainer will be quite suitable for the role of the presenter.

Step 2

If a merry wedding is to be celebrated, the scenario will require a completely different, more relaxed, even familiar one. Here the host-toastmaster, cheerful, energetic, will do. And for a corporate event of a large, respectable company or bank, an equally respectable well-known actor or public figure will be the best presenter.

Step 3

Then discuss the scenario of the event with the facilitator. It is very important here not to cross the line. After all, all people are different, and what seems like a funny joke to one may anger another, who took it for tactlessness. Therefore, if there is even the slightest doubt, it is better to delete ambiguous jokes, hints.

Step 4

Also, tell the host your vision of the holiday and wishes, and then ask him to speak frankly and express his opinion about your wishes. If you feel that he understood you, is determined to be serious about business, feel free to move on to the next stage.

Step 5

Give the facilitator a predefined list of invitees indicating their age, preferences, tastes, etc. This is very important so that he knows, for example, in which competitions these people can participate and in which they cannot. And invite him to draw up the final, revised scenario of the holiday.

Step 6

Having received the plan of the celebration, read it carefully, paying special attention to the presenter's opening speech, because it is very important to immediately grab the attention of all those present, to arouse their interest. If you do not have any significant comments, this host is quite trustworthy. He will handle the assignment.