What Holidays Are Fireworks

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What Holidays Are Fireworks
What Holidays Are Fireworks

Video: What Holidays Are Fireworks

Video: What Holidays Are Fireworks
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Fireworks in Russia traditionally mark the most important events - national holidays, military parades, burials of servicemen and statesmen.

What holidays are fireworks
What holidays are fireworks

History of fireworks in Russia

The history of Russian salutes began during the reign of Peter I. Artillery volleys on December 21, 1709 in Moscow marked the entry into the city of the Russian army led by the tsar after the victory at Poltava.

During the years of the Great Patriotic War, the salute was first fired on August 5, 1943; it marked the liberation of the Russian cities of Orel and Belgorod from the fascist invaders.

After the victory over Nazi Germany on May 9, 1945, the Victory Salute took place in the capital of Russia. 30 volleys from 1000 guns lit up the Moscow sky.

Traditional fireworks

As a rule, fireworks are planned on the most significant dates. The most massive fireworks are on New Year's Eve, when dozens and hundreds of amateur rocket launchers join the official fireworks. People rejoice at the beginning of the year, plan to start a new life and make plans for the future.

The victory in the Great Patriotic War is also honored with fireworks. Previously, several volleys were fired in each city, but now they can be heard on May 9 only in hero cities and large regional, regional and republican centers. The most solemn fireworks are in the capital of Russia - Moscow.

City Day is also traditionally celebrated with fireworks and fireworks. Usually, after the end of a festive concert, a colorful action takes place in the central squares of cities - incredible stories unfold in the sky, fascinating the audience and completing the festivities.

June 12 is the day of the Russian Federation; fireworks are held annually in the capital in honor of this state holiday.

When the soul rejoices

Fireworks are expensive. But in some circles it is considered an insult not to fireworks. He gives the celebration a certain status.

For example, such a service is offered by holiday agencies. Fireworks surprise is included in the mandatory program, which makes it almost impossible to refuse. And almost every wedding, anniversary or corporate event of a large company ends with a fire show, which often enrages the sleeping residents of nearby houses.

But it happens that everyone is happy with the fireworks. In addition to New Year's, these include the fireworks in honor of the victory of your favorite team at a prestigious tournament, the coming to power and the inauguration of the President, and thousands of other occasions. Cities, regions and countries do not sleep all night, thousands of shells take off into the sky. The soul rejoices and all means are good for this.

A spoon of tar…

However, there are some fireworks that do not bring joy. We are talking about involuntary explosions of artillery shells. Fortunately, they have become rare since their storage conditions are closely monitored.

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