Common Wedding Customs

Common Wedding Customs
Common Wedding Customs

For so many years, many newlyweds have followed a variety of traditions and rituals. For some, they are a guarantee of a happy marriage, and for others, an opportunity to have fun and decorate the celebration.

Common wedding customs
Common wedding customs


Matchmaking takes place before the wedding. The meaning of this custom is to obtain the consent of relatives and relatives for marriage. There are couples who hire a matchmaker and matchmaker, and also write scripts for the ceremony.

Ransom of the bride

Everyone has probably heard about this custom. It consists in the fact that the groom, completing various tasks and answering tricky questions, gets to his beloved. Competitions are usually prepared by the bridesmaids and bystanders. Their task is not to let the groom just go to their dear friend.

Wedding walk

This tradition is not as well known as the first, however, it is also common. It would seem, how in such a festive bustle of the newlyweds still have time to walk quietly? But still, many follow tradition and take the time to do so. On such an exciting day, you should not give up the quiet and calm "promenade". The walk is often used as an opportunity to take many beautiful photographs as a souvenir.

Love tree

Recently, the custom of planting a tree on the wedding day has become quite common, it is also called the "tree of love". It symbolizes well-being, tranquility and happiness in marriage. The ceremony can be held anywhere: at the house of the newlyweds, in the forest, in the park or in the country.

Wedding vow

Probably, it can be called the most touching and romantic moment of the whole holiday. The newlyweds read their speeches and gaze at each other with a breath. This tradition appeared in Russia following the example of European weddings, but at the moment it is not yet as popular as abroad.

Modernity is incredibly attractive for its novelty, but still do not forget to refer to the old, familiar to everyone and everywhere, traditions. Of course, everyone makes their own choice, composing their "ideal wedding", but it will not be superfluous to read some recommendations. It is ideal to combine at your celebration both observance of old traditions and modern rituals.