How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Advice From Astrologers

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How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Advice From Astrologers
How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Advice From Astrologers

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Advice From Astrologers

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Advice From Astrologers
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New Year 2018 will come into law under the good patronage of the Yellow Earth Dog. This faithful friend of man can be trusted with great hopes, because she brings prosperity, luck and stability. The New Year's totem animal of the coming 2018 is designed to preserve family happiness, to give warm moments and pleasant joys of life. How to celebrate 2018 of the Yellow Dog? With good intentions, faith in prosperity and successful implementation of our plans.

How to celebrate the New 2018 of the yellow dog?
How to celebrate the New 2018 of the yellow dog?

A friendly and affectionate dog, having entered into its legal rights on February 16, will bring peace, tranquility and faith in a happy life to humanity. However, happiness in families and good luck in all areas of activity do not arise just like that. The Yellow Earth Dog will require work on itself, the use of certain efforts and self-improvement. This peaceful animal does not tolerate idleness, anger and sycophancy, but it favors useful deeds, the warmth of the family hearth, and benevolence.

On the eve of the New Year's holidays, you should decide how to meet 2018 of the Yellow Dog, what outfits to choose for the celebration, how to decorate the house and decorate the Christmas tree. An important point will be the choice of the New Year's menu and gifts for relatives and friends. A totem animal running to replace the Fiery Red Rooster is capable of changing the life of any person, so it is better to plan a meeting of true love and great happiness in advance.

How to greet 2018 of the Yellow Dog: astrologers' advice

The symbol of 2018, according to astrologers, will bring calmness, comfort to the house, faith in love and family happiness to many couples. The element of the Earth will favor peace, tranquility, friendliness, and a faithful pet will give success, prosperity, the ability to achieve great heights in various fields of activity. How to properly celebrate the year of the Yellow Earth Dog? Here are some recommendations from renowned astrology gurus:

  • Celebrate the New Year at home or with relatives, because the Dog appreciates the family hearth and loved ones. Get together in a noisy company with friends, do not be sad, have fun from the heart.
  • Don't sit in front of the TV, on the sofa in the corner. Celebrate actively with contests, fun games, animators. Spend New Year's Eve and night on the move.
  • The animal loves cleanliness and care, so everything should be washed, tidied up, decorated at home for the holidays. Hang bright garlands, tinsel, decorate the tree with beautiful toys, not forgetting to prepare gifts for all family members.
  • Do not be alone for anything, Call your relatives, visit loved ones, travel, in general, find a friendly company for a joint holiday in the New Year.
  • Be sure to set the table by preparing different treats for children and adults. Do not forget about pets who also like to eat meat dishes.
2018: how to celebrate the year of the Earth Dog
2018: how to celebrate the year of the Earth Dog

How to dress up a Christmas tree and decorate a house

When planning how to celebrate the New 2018 of the Yellow Dog, it should be borne in mind that this friendly animal is not delighted with pretentiousness, incomprehensible ideas. The house needs to be decorated so that everyone is comfortable, joyful and fun. Here are some ideas for decorating rooms for the New Year holidays:

  • hang wreaths of Christmas tree decorations, fir branches, cones and tinsel on the walls and doors;
  • decorate festive bouquets of pine branches tied with red ribbons;
  • attach decorative angels from different materials to the door handles;
  • decorate the tree and walls with colorful flashing garlands;
  • choose golden, yellow, brown and red colors for decor to match the upcoming symbol;
  • avoid unnecessary expenses for home decoration, it is better to make New Year's souvenirs with your own hands.

Tips for decorating a Christmas tree:

  • live or artificial spruce should be placed in plain sight, decorated with taste, without the excess of New Year's "rain" and tinsel;
  • it is better to take medium-sized Christmas tree decorations, giving preference to yellow, golden, red balls;
  • The best material for toys in 2018 is considered to be all natural - this is wood, fabric, figurines made of straw, cones, twigs;
  • be sure to hang on the tree in plain sight a figurine in the form of a dog.

How to celebrate the New 2018

Having figured out how to meet 2018 of the yellow dog, let's move on to New Year's outfits. With color, everything is clear at once - these are yellow, golden, brown shades with the addition of beige, red decorative elements. It is better for models to choose a classic cut, giving preference to sophisticated lines and convenience.

It is not recommended to choose outfits with open neckline and cuts, variegated ruffles, feathers, sequins. The dog does not like shine and play, preferring calm tones. For a fun party, you can choose a dress with orange, red inserts; for a New Year's buffet, an elegant trouser suit is suitable. The main thing is to exclude leopard prints and large jewelry, preferring gold.

What to cook for the New Year of the Dog 2018

The festive menu for the New Year's table should be thought out thoroughly. Particular attention should be paid to decor, serving, and services. Alternatively, you can cover the table with a yellow linen tablecloth, placing brown dishes and glasses with gold edges. You can take bright red napkins.

New Year's table 2018
New Year's table 2018

You can appease the symbol of the coming 2018 with rich treats, hearty dishes, and meat snacks. Be sure to place a bowl of fruit in the center, pour natural juices and compote into glasses. Dogs love sweets, cakes, homemade pies and biscuits, there should be plenty of this on the table. This animal is omnivorous, there are no restrictions for the festive menu.

You can serve to the New Year's table:

  • meat, fish dishes, poultry snacks;
  • all kinds of salads, sandwiches;
  • sweet canapes, desserts;
  • homemade cakes, cakes;
  • fruits, cutting of fresh vegetables;
  • any drinks.

For example, a chicken baked in the oven under a golden crust, a Sunflower salad decorated with yellow chips and corn, or a pie with eggs and cottage cheese will look great in the center of the table. You can boil potatoes with meat by adding fried carrots and onions. The decor will not do without New Year's tangerines, oranges, bright yellow apples, bananas.

New Year of the Yellow Dog: what gifts to give

When planning in advance how to celebrate 2018 the Year of the Yellow Dog, we must not forget about New Year's gifts. What can you give to your family, children, parents? In fact, anything you want. The main thing is not to save money, to exclude trinkets and unnecessary things from the list of souvenirs, to approach the choice with soul. Hits of the coming year - gift sets of terry towels, expensive bed linen with images of dogs, pillows, dishes and kitchen utensils.

Here are some options for gifts for the New Year 2018:

  • photo album, photo frame, phone case or painting with images of cute dogs;
  • house slippers with funny doggy faces;
  • sets of dishes with cute images of the symbol of the coming year;
  • golden candlesticks, wall sconces;
  • blanket, front door mat, sofa cushions;
  • T-shirts with a print.

Remember that in the Year of the Dog, friends and family should not be gifted soft dog toys and various chains. The toy will be considered a "rival" of the advancing totem, and pets do not like chains very much.

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