How To Make A DIY Christmas Craft

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How To Make A DIY Christmas Craft
How To Make A DIY Christmas Craft

Video: How To Make A DIY Christmas Craft

Video: How To Make A DIY Christmas Craft
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Long autumn-winter evenings are just made for needlework. Why not try something new instead of the usual knitting or embroidery? For example, start making Christmas crafts. Children can be involved in joint creativity - they will be very interested, and there will be enough work with holiday souvenirs for everyone.

How to make a DIY Christmas craft
How to make a DIY Christmas craft

It is necessary

  • - green and white office paper;
  • - wire;
  • - scissors;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - awl;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - cones;
  • - spray with gold and silver paint;
  • - small Christmas tree decorations and tinsel;
  • - candy.


Step 1

What is New Year without a tree? You may be considering purchasing a live tree. However, a mini Christmas tree made of paper in the house will not hurt. In addition, it can become an inexpensive, but cute and original gift.

Step 2

Take a sheet of green A4 paper, draw a circle on it with a compass. Cut it out and use a ruler and pencil to draw it into equal sectors. Cut each section with scissors and roll it into a cone, gluing the edges together. Thus, process the entire cut out circle. It turned out the bottom of the tree.

Step 3

Turn the piece over and poke a hole in the center with a thick needle or awl. Make several more blanks of different diameters. Cut a piece of wire, fold one end into a wide ring (this will be the base of the tree), and straighten the other. String the paper parts on the wire so that the widest is at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Cut out a small strip, roll it into a cone. Attach it to the top of the tree.

Step 4

An original Christmas tree can be made from cones. They can be left in their natural form, or they can be decorated with gold or silver spray paint. Treat buds in a well-ventilated area - the paint has a fairly strong odor.

Step 5

Take a sheet of plain white paper and roll it into a narrow cone. Lubricate the ends of the cones with glue and attach them to the base cone. Fasten the bumps tightly without gaps. You can glue several acorns between them - they will also decorate the Christmas tree. Reinforce the elongated bump instead of the tip.

Step 6

Decorate the finished tree with chains, small toys, jewelry and narrow tinsel. Or you can decorate the Christmas tree with sweets. Choose round, lightweight candies wrapped tightly in foil. Apply a drop of glue to the wrapper and press the candy against the bump.

Step 7

A very exciting activity is making snowflakes using the quilling technique. Cut the white office paper into 1/2-inch strips. Roll the strips of paper with an awl or toothpick to make a flat roll. Let it unwind a little, forming a spiral, and glue the end of the strip. A drop can be made from a round spiral by pulling out the workpiece on one side and lightly squeezing it with your fingers. A lot of such details will be required.

Step 8

Start assembling the snowflake. Glue the six teardrop-shaped pieces together to form a kind of flower. Lay out the second row of drops, attaching them between the flower petals of the first row. Glue spiral blanks at the end of each drop. The snowflake is ready. Attach a thread to it - then the decoration can be hung on a Christmas tree or attached to a window cornice.

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