How To Remake Songs For Yourself

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How To Remake Songs For Yourself
How To Remake Songs For Yourself

Video: How To Remake Songs For Yourself

Video: How To Remake Songs For Yourself
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Do you have to show off your talents at a creative evening or corporate party? The easiest thing to do in this case is to perform the song, but at the same time remaking it for yourself. Just by replacing some words, you will give the piece of music a completely different meaning, more suitable for the holiday, and all those gathered will silently note that you have prepared for the task with all your heart.

How to remake songs for yourself
How to remake songs for yourself


Step 1

For a remake, it is best to choose a well-known piece - this way its new version will sound brighter and more comical and, moreover, they will be able to sing along with you. If you do not want to remake the entire song as a whole, choose a hit that is closest in content to the theme of your celebration. For example, if the holiday on which you will be performing is New Year's, give preference to a song that sings about the New Year.

Step 2

As a rule, the text of a piece of music is written in the first person. When remaking a male song for a female one, remember that by doing so you will surely break the rhyme, and this song in your performance will not sound as beautiful as it could. Thus, if you are a "girl", then choose the song where she sings (then the phrases "he loves me", "he kisses me", etc. will sound appropriate, and not cause a grin), but if you - "boy", he sing his face.

Step 3

If "your" song has long been invented and even written by someone, just replace the key names from the author's text with the names of the people present at the holiday (of course, so that there is a certain meaning).

Step 4

If, on the whole, the finished piece of music suits you, but there are a number of nuances in it that you need to change, try not to spoil the rhyme with new words. Count the syllables, if necessary, by tapping the rhyme on a hard surface with a pencil or on your leg with your own palm.

Step 5

At the same time, there will be nothing terrible in the fact that you go a little beyond the scope of the original text. For example, if you are remaking a banal congratulatory song Happy Birthday to You, and the name of the birthday person is rather long (or it is customary in your team to refer to each other by first name and patronymic), do not be sad if there is nothing to “cut”. This often happens, but with this, alas, nothing can be done.

Step 6

Remember that the song you create will be especially interesting for the audience if they hear references to them in it. Think in advance what you could tell and about whom, but at the same time, do not overdo it, otherwise the heroes of your song may harbor a grudge against the performer.

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