How To Sew A Dress For The New Year In

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How To Sew A Dress For The New Year In
How To Sew A Dress For The New Year In

Video: How To Sew A Dress For The New Year In

Video: How To Sew A Dress For The New Year In
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New Year is the most beautiful holiday. Every woman on the eve of the celebration asks the question: how to meet him? You want to look in a special way this night, so that everyone is not just surprised, but, at least, become the queen of the ball. You can realize this dream by making a dress or carnival costume with your own hands.

How to sew a dress for the New Year
How to sew a dress for the New Year


Step 1

Don't leave your holiday preparations until the last moment. There is a lot of trouble, everything needs to be thought out carefully, including the New Year's outfit.

Step 2

Determine how you will celebrate the New Year: organize a carnival party or arrange a festive dinner with friends, loved ones. If you decide that this will be a carnival evening, then first think about which fairy-tale character's costume will suit you and how long it will take to prepare it. However, in the case of a festive New Year's dinner with friends, you will have to work hard to make your evening dress look romantic and mysterious. Either buy the outfits from the store or rent them. But a dress or suit made with your own hands will look much more interesting.

Step 3

Find a description of the carnival costume that suits you in a magazine or on the Internet. Determine the number of details (perhaps you will exclude some from the original pattern, or maybe add it to your liking). Revise your wardrobe: perhaps you will find some clothes in it, the details of which can be used when modeling a suit.

Step 4

Take your measurements and determine what fabric and how much to buy, and go shopping. Be sure to match the thread to the color of the fabric, buttons, buckles, straps and other necessary accessories.

Step 5

Make a drawing of each detail of the suit, transfer the pattern to the fabric, making allowances for the seams.

Step 6

Sew all seams on the sewing machine, overlock them. Carefully process all visible parts of the suit (neckline, hem, bottom of the sleeves), attach accessories or tinsel to the new outfit, if necessary.

Step 7

Iron all seams from the outside, smooth them well from the inside. Be sure to hang the suit on the "hanger", wrap it in cellophane and put it in the closet, where it can wait for its festive New Year's "exit" safe and sound.

Step 8

Sew an evening dress in the same sequence as for a carnival costume: find a model, make a pattern, transfer it to the fabric, stitch and process the seams, iron it out. If you do not like bright or shiny fabrics, buy or sew a dress from fabric in muted colors, but original cut to surprise and delight guests.

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