How To Make A Christmas Deer

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How To Make A Christmas Deer
How To Make A Christmas Deer

Video: How To Make A Christmas Deer

Video: How To Make A Christmas Deer
Video: How to make a Christmas Deer. Как сделать оленя к Рождеству. 2023, December

Preparing for the New Year is often more exciting than the celebration itself: you need to decorate your apartment, choose a festive menu and, of course, take care of New Year's gifts. A funny DIY Christmas reindeer will cheer you up and those to whom you present it.

How to make a Christmas deer
How to make a Christmas deer

It is necessary

  • - thick and thin wire;
  • - scissors;
  • - synthetic winterizer or batting;
  • - threads;
  • - New Year's garland.


Step 1

Make a skeleton. To create a rigid frame, you will need several types of wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm and 2 - 2.5 mm. Take the thickest section and bend it in the form of a loop: in the future, it will turn into a deer's head. Bend the lower part of the loop, and, on the contrary, bend the upper part so that a right angle is formed, which will indicate the connection of the body with the neck.

Step 2

Make the front and hind legs out of the wire. Cut two pieces of thick wire of equal length and bend them in half. Secure them to the torso frame by making loops at the ends or by tying them in with thinner wire. Check that the deer is stable and not wobbling. Do not forget that a real New Year's deer should have branched antlers and a small protruding tail.

Step 3

Wrap the frame with several layers of batting or padding polyester. The appearance of the toy will depend on how thick the material will be, and where exactly you decide to fix it. Make sure the proportions and weight distribution are observed: if the deer is heavier on one side, then the product will roll in that direction all the time.

Step 4

Secure the packing with fine wire. Each piece of padding polyester or cotton wool must be carefully fixed. If the wire is soft enough, you will be able to more subtly model the "shape" of the deer, making smooth curves. At the same time, make sure that the wire skeleton is not too tight for the cotton filler, otherwise it will bulge out in pieces.

Step 5

Wrap the wire reindeer in New Year's rain. The larger the workpiece, the more magnificent the garland can be, which should be wound around the wire frame coil by coil, starting from the tail and gradually rising to the head and horns. You can also adjust the length of the coat yourself by cutting off the excess with nail scissors. Secure the ends of the rain with thin wire or threads. You can experiment with the color of the deerskin by using several garlands of different colors. At the end, do not forget to tie a silk bow around the neck of the toy or hang a New Year's bell.